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Delta 8 THC Caramels By Eighty Six

Almost everyone loves golden caramel, and Eighty Six made it possible to enjoy the sweet, buttery, salty-nutty, and chewy alongside the benefits of Delta 8. These potent treats hold 50mg of premium Delta 8 extract that can help you relax and feel calm. Delta 8 THC Caramels By Eighty Six come in 5 pieces per bag that you can take with you and enjoy whenever you want.

Delta 8 Strength: 250mg Per Pack, 50mg Per Caramel
Container Unit: 5 Caramels
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Product Facts: Doesn’t contain artificial colors, any pesticides or preservatives, GMO-free, Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

Delta 8 THC extract is known among hemp enthusiasts as a sleep aid, a new way to support the body and mind, relieve pain, and get relaxed. Eighty Six brand is one of the Delta 8 manufacturers that produces top-quality and potent hemp-infused goods for various needs. So whether you prefer disposable vape pens or gummies, everyone can find a product that suits them the best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zak Hamilton

When I first heard about Eighty Six, I was skeptical and thought that it would be a bunch of cooking ingredients in a package. Boy, was I wrong! These edibles are the best cannabis in my opinion.

Mia Roberts

I have tried a few cannabis edibles before but always found them to be too strong for me. I usually just felt really tired and lethargic so I stopped. Eighty Six on the other hand is amazing, it's a really easy buzz without all the heavy feeling that comes with other edibles. The taste is also really nice, unlike others that are super sweet and feel like you're eating straight sugar!

Lara Stewart

The first time I ate an Eighty Six edible was the best decision of my life. It was so good, I've been eating them ever since! They are the best cannabis edibles in the market right now.

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