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Strain: Peaches & Cream Sativa (WiFi Cake)
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HHC Disposables By Eighty Six

Elevate your mood and become more creative, energized, and full of life with the unique effects of premium HHC extracts. Made of organic hemp plants, HHC Disposables By Eighty Six are truly pure and safe products. Choose one of 3 options, and enjoy your puffs.
Peaches & Cream Sativa (WiFi Cake) - this strain is made of a crossbreed between WiFi Cake and Slurricane that boosts your creativity and provides a mellow relaxation. This disposable has a sugary sweet flavor of peaches and cream with various fresh fruity notes.
Nilla Mint Indica (Gelonade) - presents the benefits of a crossing between Gelonade and Kush Mint strains. With this Indica strain, you will feel relaxed and be in a happy mood, wanting to engage in active social life. This discreet and highly convenient vape device has a flavor blend of refreshing mint and sweet vanilla that will please your tastebuds.
Gush Rush Hybrid (Gushers) - is made by crossing Gushers with Sunset Sherbet that will enhance your focus and deliver your body a relaxing euphoria. Enjoy your favorite sweet fruity flavors and the unique effects of hemp cannabinoids with this HHC disposable.

Container Unit: 1g
Strains: Peaches & Cream Sativa (WiFi Cake), Gush Rush Hybrid (Gushers), Nilla Mint Indica (Gelonade)
Extract Type: HHC
Product Facts: Rechargeable ALD disposable vape device, Non-refillable, Doesn't contain Delta 8 or Delta 9, Deriver from hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

The founders of Eighty Six have come from the vape industry to improve the quality of vape products and offer a powerful and natural solution for everyone. The company provides delightfully tasting gummies and disposable vape devices based on the most popular hemp strains. Eighty Six uses only top-shelf quality ingredients and tests its products in specialized laboratories.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jenson Hayes

I've tried other disposables in the past, but they just don't compare to Eighty Six. The taste is fresher and the high lasts longer. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get high with no hassle, go with Eighty Six!

Victoria Gibson

I've tried many of the weed disposables on the market, but I keep coming back to Eighty Six. They're my favorite! Actually, it's just about perfect.

Charlie Hunt

The Eighty Six is the best weed company in my opinion. I'm also confident that they are one of the most affordable companies as well, though it's hard to compare as they offer really competitive rates! But I always feel like I am getting a lot of value for my money.

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