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Eighty Six | Drip Series THC-P Disposable - 2g

Strain: Runtz Pop White Runtz - Hybrid
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Drip Series THC-P Disposable By Eighty Six

Experience the convenience and safety of Drip Series THC-P Disposable By Eighty Six. This reliable brand offers you the opportunity to explore popular hemp cannabinoid extracts with ease. Crafted with natural ingredients, this disposable vape ensures a secure and enjoyable vaping experience. Trust Eighty Six for your cannabinoid needs and enjoy the convenience of their Drip Series THC-P Disposable.
Runtz Pop White Runtz Hybrid: Indulge in a refreshing summer treat and elevate your mood with the Runtz Pop THC-P Disposable Vape by Eighty Six. This delightful vape offers the irresistible flavor of rainbow sherbet ice cream, providing a cool and satisfying experience with every puff. Experience the intense psychedelic effects of this hybrid THC-P disposable, transporting you to a state of sweet bliss. With each exhale, the delicious sherbet flavor lingers, leaving you craving for more. Discover the potent power and delightful flavors of the White Runtz x Push Pop vape and let it take you on a journey of pure enjoyment.
Sunshine N’ Cello Sunshine Punch Sativa: Experience a vibrant and energizing day with our Sunshine N' Cello Sativa THC-P Disposable. This compact and convenient device is perfect for on-the-go use, delivering a powerful punch with 2 grams of highly potent THC-P. Enjoy an instant boost of euphoria with each puff, accompanied by the delightful taste of pineapple, orange, and guava juice. Let the tropical blend of flavors dance on your taste buds as you embrace the uplifting effects of this invigorating sativa strain. Take your day to new heights with the Sunshine N' Cello Sativa THC-P Disposable.
White Rabbit White Berry Indica: We understand that life can sometimes be challenging, leaving you in need of a blissful escape to Wonderland. That's why we present to you our berry-flavored THC-P disposable vape, your ticket to a transformative experience. Follow the White Rabbit and indulge in the potency of THC-P as it brings you deep relaxation and heightened focus. This indica THC-P vape is ideal for unwinding and achieving a restful sleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed and energized for the day ahead. Take a puff at a time and let the magic unfold.
Golden Milk Banana Kush Indica: Relax and find solace with the soothing Golden Milk disposable vape! This carefully crafted 2-gram device combines the calming properties of Banana Kush and the refreshing minty essence of Thicc Mint Cookies. Whether you're unwinding on the couch, socializing at a gathering, or simply taking a moment for yourself, this vape offers a distinctive flavor and a tranquil yet invigorating high. Indulge in the tropical goodness of Banana Kush and the invigorating touch of Thicc Mint Cookies for a truly blissful experience.
Sunday Scaries Mimosa Hybrid: Ditch the Sunday scaries and embrace the excitement with our 2-gram Sunday Scaries disposable vape! This extraordinary vape pen combines the vibrant flavors of Mimosa and Forbidden Fruit, creating a delightful citrus sensation with every puff. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience that borders on psychedelic, accompanied by the unique euphoric relaxation that only THC-P can provide. Let the bold flavors and smooth hits of this vape transport you to a state of blissful enjoyment.

Container Unit: 2g
Extract Type: THC-P
Strains: Runtz Pop White Runtz Hybrid, Sunshine N’ Cello Sunshine Punch Sativa, White Rabbit White Berry Indica, Golden Milk Banana Kush Indica, Sunday Scaries Mimosa Hybrid
Product Facts: Rechargeable device, Deriver from hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

The company was founded to produce premium-quality and pure Delta 8 THC infused products for everyone's needs. Eighty Six offers its customers a wide range of products enriched with Delta 8 TCH extract that can help everyone who prefers hemp. All products contain less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC and are completely legal.

Customer Reviews

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I only wish it had more THC-P in it. It takes more to get me there than I would like, but it will get you there. Good taste too. I’ll buy another.

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