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Bloomz | Premium Delta 8 THC Flower 3.5g - 28g

Strain: Green Goblin - Sativa
Weight: 7g
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Premium Delta 8 THC Flower By Bloomz

Do you want to try the effects of Delta 8 THC and don't know where to start? We recommend purchasing Premium Delta 8 THC Flower By Bloomz because it comes in four strain options, allowing you to choose your desired one easily. This natural product is safe to try, especially if it is your first time.
Green Goblin Sativa is a highly potent strain with energizing euphoric effects that can be a good choice for those who want to enhance focus and creativity. It will assist you with mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Green Goblin has sour lemon and fresh mint flavor with notes of pine and sweet sage.
Apple Fritter Hybrid is an evenly-balanced cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, which possesses tingly euphoric effects. It can help you bring a sense of peace to your mind and calmness to your body. Apple Fritter delivers the taste of freshly baked vanilla-apple pie with notes of sweet fruits and herbs.
Grape Zkittlez Indica has a sweet candy and fruity flavor with grape and berry sharp notes. This fabulous strain can provide your body with powerful body relaxation, keeping your mind sharp and alert. Grape Zkittlez can be a perfect way to deal with everyday stress and enjoy evenings.
Monster Cookies Indica is a crossbreed of the most famous strains - Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. The effects of this fantastic strain start slow and move from your toes to your head. Finally, it will leave you with warm sensations and pain-free, after which you will have a peaceful sleep. Monster Cookies delivers a sugary sweet grape and berry flavor with a diesel aftertaste.
Grand Daddy Purp Indica: Grand Daddy Purp stands as an icon within the Indica domain, distinguished by its rich purple tones, frosty trichomes, and impressively high THC-A levels. Its fragrance delicately combines sweet berry aromas with hints of earthiness. Beyond its visually stunning appearance and enticing scent, Grand Daddy Purp promises a potent and unique journey tailored for those seeking ultimate relaxation. Delve into a realm of unparalleled quality and discover the true essence of Indica with this THCA-infused flower.
Northern Lights Indica: This remarkably potent Indica strain serves as an effective remedy for sleep disturbances. Its robust effects induce a deep state of relaxation, ideal for those struggling to fall asleep. The strain's delightful blend of sweet pine and spicy-woody flavors enhances the vaping experience, leaving an unforgettable impression.
Strawberry Shortcake Sativa: Experience the lusciousness of this sativa-dominant hybrid strain, bursting with a delectable sweet strawberry dessert taste and a hint of spice. Not only does it delight the palate, but it also delivers an uplifting and sociable buzz, perfect for embracing the day ahead. Indulge in the luxury of Strawberry Shortcake, a strain rich in sweet strawberry and vanilla flavors reminiscent of a timeless summer treat. Elevate your sociability, creativity, and mental relaxation with this irresistible strain.
Blue Dream Hybrid: Explore the delightful fusion of sativa-driven euphoria and indica-induced relaxation with Blue Dream. Boasting a remarkable THC-A concentration, this strain guarantees a potent and revitalizing encounter for both the mind and body. Blue Dream is celebrated for its alluring sweet berry fragrance, reminiscent of its Blueberry lineage, complemented by subtle hints of earthy haze. Upon consumption, prepare for a gentle upliftment of the mind followed by a tranquil full-body release. Adored by experienced enthusiasts and perfect for newcomers to the cannabis world, Blue Dream offers a balanced introduction to its diverse effects. Whether seeking to ignite creativity, alleviate stress, or simply unwind, Blue Dream's harmonious effects are certain to exceed expectations.

Delta 8 Strength: 36.2mg Per Gram
Container Unit: 3.5g, 7g, 28g
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Strains: Green Goblin Sativa, Apple Fritter Hybrid, Grape Zkittlez Indica, Monster Cookies Indica, Blue Dream Hybrid, Northern Lights Indica, Grand Daddy Purp Indica
Product Facts: Premium 99% Delta 8 distillate, Hand trimmed, Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

For seasoned and beginners, Bloomz wants to support everyone on their wellness journey. This new high-quality brand has entered the hemp market, offering people the unique benefits of hemp strains infused with various hemp-based extracts. Premium ingredients and zero harmful substances - this brand is on top.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perry Gomez

These gummies exceptional.It lasts a long time and is exactly what I was searching for.I'll definitely purchase it again.Keep up the good work!

Nicolas J.

It's incredibly calming and relaxing!


nice effect, would recommend.Not only do they have cute packaging,and a good flavor.thanks for this product.


Yes it's delicious but i expected more,mayby other flavors are still good.(( i'll try others and leave a review


Quick shipping and product is legit def would order again!!!good taste,i can't wait for next one

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