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Eighty Six | OMG Series Live Rosin Delta 8 + HHC + THC-P Disposable - 2g

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Strain: Blue Magic Blue Cheese - Indica
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OMG Series Live Rosin Delta 8 + HHC + THC-P Disposable By Eighty Six

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary taste of the OMG Series Live Rosin Delta 8 + HHC + THC-P Disposable By Eighty Six. Live rosin offers a glimpse into the purest flavors extracted from some of the finest cannabis strains available on the market. This has attracted the attention of true cannabis connoisseurs who seek out live rosin wherever they can find it. Eighty Six takes it a step further by infusing live rosin into their products, resulting in an exceptionally authentic strain-specific experience. What sets the OMG series apart is Eighty Six's use of fresh, full-profile hemp, ensuring an absolutely fantastic experience.
Blue Magic Blue Cheese Indica: Indulge your taste buds in this delightful Blue Magic disposable vape that tastes like a rich blueberry cheesecake drizzled with live rosin. Eighty Six has concocted the perfect recipe for relaxation with their proprietary OMG blend, featuring D8, HHC, THC-P, CBN, and a generous dose of live rosin, all inspired by the creative Blue Cheese indica strain. Blue Magic will satisfy your cravings and transport you to a blissful state.
Cooks & Castles Grease Monkey Hybrid: Experience ultimate relaxation with the Cooks & Castles disposable vape, a blend of the calming Gorilla Glue #4 and the sweet euphoria of Cookies & Cream. This super-chill and incredibly tasty hybrid vape boasts two potent grams of Eighty Six's proprietary OMG blend and Live Rosin extracted from the popular hybrid strain Grease Monkey. It's the ideal treat to unwind after a long day, leaving you stress-free and in a state of euphoria.
Mango Mobbin’ Green Crack Sativa: Invigorate your mind with a burst of mango and orange flavor. Mango Mobbin’ features the energizing Green Crack strain in a tropical blend of hemp extracts. Considered a 'blackout' blend due to the multitude of cannabinoids, this vape is designed to provide an intense experience that may pleasantly overwhelm you. Known for its potency, Green Crack is further intensified with the addition of live rosin, accentuating its unique effects. Expect a whirlwind of thoughts and daydreams while you relax in a hammock and enjoy the ride.
PRPL Haze Granddaddy Purple Indica: Indulge in the tart, juicy punch of PRPL Haze with this OMG Disposable. Crafted using the legendary Granddaddy Purple strain and a masterful combination of the OMG blend, this disposable offers full-body physical relaxation and stress relief. Enhanced with live rosin, it's a must-try for even the most seasoned users, guaranteed to lead you to the couch with a serious case of the munchies.
Twisted Berry Durban Poison Sativa: Packed with a potent blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids and Live Rosin, this sativa Durban Poison vape is a force to be reckoned with. Each hit is incredibly smooth, fast-acting, and bursting with the delicious flavor of strawberry red vines. It's like an upgraded version of your favorite movie-time snack. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Container Unit: 2g
Extract Type: Delta 8, THC-P, HHC
Strains: Blue Magic Blue Cheese Indica, Cooks & Castles Grease Monkey Hybrid, Mango Mobbin’ Green Crack Sativa, PRPL Haze Granddaddy Purple Indica, Twisted Berry Durban Poison Sativa
Product Facts: Contains CBN, Rechargeable device, Deriver from hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

Delta 8 THC extract is known among hemp enthusiasts as a sleep aid, a new way to support the body and mind, relieve pain, and get relaxed. Eighty Six brand is one of the Delta 8 manufacturers that produces top-quality and potent hemp-infused goods for various needs. So whether you prefer disposable vape pens or gummies, everyone can find a product that suits them the best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Amanda Wright
Excellent For Sleep

I have ADHD and PTSD with terrible insomnia. This vape made it very easy to fall asleep! Definitely will buy again!

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