Moonrocks VS Sunrocks Flowers
There is a lot of experimentation going on in the cannabis industry these days. Moonrocks and Sunrocks are some of the most interesting new products, ideal for users looking for a strong and long high. There is a good reason two of the hottest new cannabis concentrates have unearthly names. "Moonrocks" and "Sunrocks" are on a mission to take you to a galaxy far, far away in less than seconds. For the Star Wars challengers, that means they will get you high faster than you can imagine. These two enchanting products are made the same way, but they are not interchangeable. You need to know what you are getting yourself into before you pick any of these widely available flowers. In this article, you can read about the similarities and differences between moonrocks and sunrocks.

What Are Moonrocks?

In cannabis history, the origins of the moonrocks are shrouded in a fog of mythology. However, it appears that these stones first appeared in Northern California a few decades ago and were widely distributed by one of the hip-hop artists. Today, moonrocks could technically be made with any strain of cannabis, but traditionally they were only made with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). When you have chosen your desired nug, all you need to do is blend it with concentrate oil, roll it in some paper, and wait while it dries. Ordinary moonrocks have a THC content between 40% and 60%, but there is some significant difference depending on the specific ingredients. However, these days, there are many variations in the products used to make moonrocks, so you really should research a company's list of ingredients before buying them.

What Are Sunrocks?

When you thought that it could not get any more intense after moonrocks, that is when the sunrocks appear. Believe it or not, a sunrock with a THC content of 60 percent is considered to be on the lower end of the spectrum. It is not uncommon for sunrocks to have THC levels floating around 80 percent. Yes, you understand correctly. Sunrocks are much stronger than moonrocks. Sunrock manufacturers only use exceptional OG strains, which are then dipped in high-end concentrate and kief. Since sunrocks are of better quality, they will also obtain a higher price than the typical moonrocks. When you buy sunrocks, you know you are getting a premium quality product. Unfortunately, there are a few unscrupulous moonrocks producers these days who assemble batches from the cheapest varieties. Take the time to research companies before buying, especially if you are in the moonrocks market. Also, you can click here and purchase premium quality moonrocks at our online store.

How To Smoke Suntocks And Moonrocks?

Let's assume that you took a tour at our online store, and you have a couple of those nugs on your hands. Now what? First, you should gently break up the desired amount of the product using either your hands or scissors. These rocks are super sticky, so they will not work well in a grinder. Next, you should take either a pipe or a glass bong. You can't use rocks in joints or blunts because these rocks are very much oily. Before setting fire to the rocks, it is a great idea to sprinkle some dried and ground cannabis around your rocks to make sure they ignite in an ember. After setting up everything, use your bong or pipe (like any other nug) and enjoy the high. Remember, a little is enough when using rocks like this - so do not use too much the first time.
You will experience a long and powerful high. There is no comparison to moonrocks or sunrocks, but some users say there is a slight similarity in drifting. However, the critical difference is that a dab high does not last long while the rocks are more persistent and heavier. Nevertheless, on the subject of potency, it is probably appropriate to compare dabs to rocks. It should go without saying that moonrocks or sunrocks should not be used right before work or before driving. It is recommended to make sure that you have enough free time before experimenting with these products. After inhaling these nugs, you will be in couch lock-mode for at least a few hours. Moreover, in addition to your free time, you should put a big glass of water on a nearby table before you start smoking. Many users complain of dry mouth when using sunrocks or moonrocks, so it is great to have a drink shortly after inhaling the nuggets.
Hopefully, you understand the similarities and differences between moonrocks and sunrocks and which product is more suited to your preferences by now. Whichever rock you choose, you are sure to experience a trip out of this world.

What Is Kief?

You may be familiar with the term "kief": it refers to the severed resin glands of cannabis - the trichomes, once they have been scraped from the bud. A common way of collecting kief is to use a three-chamber grinder where the upper chamber grinds the bud, the middle section mills the ground grass, and the third chamber, under a delicate net, collects the kief. This nicely ground material is highly potent for the simple reason that it is made almost entirely of trichomes that contain THC. Kief can be applied for numerous things. You can load it into a joint for a bit of additional effect, put it in a jar of grass, or sprinkle it on top of your food. Nevertheless, if you want to add it to your food, it is recommended to combine it during the prebake phase. Until you have decarboxylated the cannabis, it contains THCA instead of THC, and you will not experience the psychoactive effects you were looking for.

What Are Cannabis Trichomes?

The more science finds out about cannabis - the more complex the plant appears to be. It is not just THC and CBD that work together to create the plant's unique effects. It is a combination of hundreds of different cannabinoids, and then it is not just cannabinoids. Hundreds of terpenes change and increase the effects of other compounds as well. So cannabis is a complicated, fascinating subject for study. Fortunately, trichomes are a little easier to understand than some other things.
Trichomes are not chemical compounds. They are physical structures on the cannabis plant. Whether you know it or not, if you have ever held a bud of marijuana in your hand, you have seen trichomes. If you look at it from a short distance, you can see them with the naked eye. Trichomes look like a frosty, pale layer of tiny crystals on top of the green and beautiful bud. If you look at the same bud under a microscope, you can see just thousands of small, pale "hairs." If you zoom in even closer, you will see that every single trichome is covered in a bulbous mushroom head. Trichomes are not unique to the cannabis plant. Many plants have them. Trichomes can produce terpenes that help plants defend themselves against insects, fungi, and larger animals. The trichomes in the cannabis plant also contain the most valuable pieces of it - most of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes. However, simply because a cannabis bud is dense with trichomes, it does not mean it is potent enough. The cannabis bud could be producing more of the non-psychoactive CBD compound than THC. However, you would not necessarily know as both are produced in the trichomes' heads.

Why Does Cannabis Have Trichomes?

The trichomes in the cannabis plant are mainly produced for defense. When female cannabis plants bloom, they are vulnerable to various hazards, including animals, insects, and UV radiation. Trichomes produce a strong smell and taste that put many animals away, and the sticky coating of the trichomes keeps some insects out. The resinous outer layer also protects against adverse weather conditions such as strong sunlight or strong winds. There are many shapes, varieties, sizes, and functions of trichomes on different plants. Trichomes are fragile things, and a variety of stimulants can damage them. Without their optimal light spectrum, they can grow without potency and taste.
For this reason, LED lighting designed for this spectrum is often used instead of HID lights. After that, the trichomes are still vulnerable to things like body contact or heat, oxygen, light, and time. However, the trichomes can be maintained longer and better if handled correctly.

What Is Resin?

The cannabis resin is a substance, which is naturally produced in the cannabis plant's trichomes. This organic and natural substance contains many active components, including the well-known THC - psychoactive compound for which cannabis is so popular.
When growing resin, the resinous trichomes are separated from the rest of the cannabis plant and distilled into concentrates. Oil and wax are concentrates that are all made by the same method - separating the trichome resin from the rest of the plant using pressurized butane oil. This method is questionable because it is unsafe for cannabis users to try at home. However, professionally made butane hash oil (BHO) is the most common cannabis concentrate in legal markets.

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