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Recent studies show that the cannabis market witnessed significant sales growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States and can create many new jobs - there are currently about 321.000 full-time jobs in the cannabis sector. Over the past four years, the number of full-time jobs in the cannabis industry has increased by approximately 161 percent.

The Hemp Industry Creates Jobs

The cannabis industry created more than 77.000 jobs last year - a 32 percent growth, making it the fastest-growing sector compared to any other American industry. In total, there are now approximately 321.000 full-time jobs in the cannabis sector in 37 US states that have legalized the cannabis plant in any form. These data support one of the typical mutual arguments for reform to legalize and regulate cannabis, which is a huge economic gain. Based on an independent analysis by journalists, data experts, and labor economists, the report is particularly impressive. It shows significant employment growth during the coronavirus pandemic. For example, the sale of marijuana during the coronavirus pandemic in Illinois, which has had record sales of marijuana since it began distributing last year, has added more than 8.000 full-time jobs in the cannabis sector alone. According to the report, there are more cannabis workers in the United States now than paramedics, dentists, and electrical engineers.

The Benefits Of Cannabis Oil

Hemp oil is a cheap and safe herbal alternative to medications prescribed for this disease. A new study shows encouraging results for patients with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia - is a disorder characterized by musculoskeletal pain followed by sleep, fatigue, memory, and mood problems. The study included a group of patients with this condition. The research analyzed the influence of cannabis oil on the development of the disease. According to a recently completed clinical study, researchers have found that cannabis oil may be an effective remedy for fibromyalgia patients. For the study, researchers tested the effectiveness of plant-derived hemp oil on 17 women with fibromyalgia (a chronic pain syndrome characterized by extensive pain and musculoskeletal fatigue). The patients were treated for eight weeks with THC-rich cannabis oil. The starting dose was one drop per day and then increased depending on symptoms. The mean dose for the controls was 3.6 drops per day for a total of 4.4 milligrams of THC and 0.08 milligrams of CBD per dose. Patients were divided into two groups, one of which received hemp oil, while members of the control group received a placebo. The researchers concluded that the influence of cannabis on the quality of life of the control group participants was evident, as demonstrated by reports of well-being and an increase in energy needed to carry out daily activities. In addition, the level of pain attacks has also decreased.
This study was the first to demonstrate the benefits of cannabis oil - a whole plant extract rich in THC for the symptoms of people with extensive pain and musculoskeletal fatigue. The researchers concluded that phytocannabinoids could be a cheap and well-tolerated therapy for relieving symptoms and improving patients' quality of life. They also suggest that this therapy can be included as an alternative to herbal medicine for treating this disease. Because of the impact fibromyalgia can have on patients' health, scientists have recommended further research into marijuana to treat the condition.

The Cannabis Oil Extraction

The field of cannabis research is actively developing as scientists continue to identify and optimize the best cannabis extraction method. Initially, many cannabis researchers practiced CO2 extraction as a known and proven method of extracting caffeine from coffee beans. Even with the successful extraction of cannabis compounds, scientists have limited ability to manipulate the compounds in different versions (isomers), and their ability to analyze these compounds is reduced. Current tests of cannabis extraction products focus only on measuring their strength or detecting the presence of heavy metals. Later, scientists found that technologies using butane or ethanol notably enhanced the efficiency of cannabis extraction and reduced the extraction time from days to 30 minutes.
Cannabis researchers continually attempt to distinguish the most efficient time, the best chemical, and the most favorable temperature for hemp extraction. Modern cannabis research centers focus on extracting essential compounds from raw, complex, unprocessed material. In the future, complete control over the individual compounds contained in products may bring a completely different dimension to the consumer experience.

Using Cannabis Oil In The Cosmetics

In collaboration with two institutions, a new project is looking to explore the possibility of creating new ingredients based on ferulic acid from bio catalyzed hemp seed oil. The collaboration concerns a 24-month project to develop a cosmetic-pharmaceutical combination for hemp oil-based skincare products. New ingredients for cosmetic products are to be created using hemp seed oil biocatalisation. Thanks to the biocatalisation process, products are made without the use of strong chemicals. If the scientists' predictions are correct, the created new ingredients can be applied to personal care products. The products would have ultraviolet (UV) light-absorbing and antioxidant properties. The company's process uses enzymes and heat to bind natural antioxidants such as ferulic acid to the lipids in oils. The biocatalisation approach avoids the use of harsh chemicals and solvents to catalyze the desired reaction. The cosmetics and personal care markets are not the only focus of the United States department of agriculture. Scientists at the institute are also exploring options for better processing hemp into fuels, lubricants, adhesives, and food ingredients and products that use hemp fibers.

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