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Terp 8 | High Potency Indoor Exotic THCA Flower - 4g

Strain: Gelato - Hybrid
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High Potency Indoor Exotic THCA Flower By Terp 8

This THC-A infused flower will provide a flavorful and more powerful experience than other products you tried! High Potency Indoor Exotic THCA Flower By Terp 8 comes in six strain options, and each strain has a different potency level of THCA. This natural hemp flower can make your mornings or evenings more easygoing and pleasant. Enjoy life and try only high-quality THCA flower offered to you by Terp 8.
Gelly Biscuits Indica is a wonderful crossbreed of Why U Gelly and Biscotti that has 26.34% THC-A content. With this Indica-dominant hybrid strain, you can have a relaxing experience full of creative blasts and euphoria. Gelly Biscuits delivers a sweet and tasty grape jam flavor with diesel-like undertones.
Gelato Hybrid is formulated by crossing the lovely Sunset Sherbet with the famous Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This Indoor grown strain contains 29.8% of THC-A, which can provide a cerebral and creative boost. This delicious strain delivers a flavor bouquet of sweet lavender and wood alongside a fruity berry and sour citrusy aromas.
Death Star Indica is a wonderful Indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing Sensi Star with Sour Diesel and has a 23.06% of THC-A strength. This strain has a classic cannabis flavor blend of sweet skunk and sour diesel that can assist you when experiencing nausea, stress, pain, and depression. The calming effects of Death Star can help you feel relaxed and sleepy.
Justice Kush Indica contains 28.8% of THCA that can support both body and mind, assisting you with chronic pain or migraine, mood swings, and fatigue. With this fabulous strain, you will enjoy flavorful puffs and feel completely calm and free of any worries.
Lemon Drop Sativa can energize your body with a powerful jolt of positive vibes and make you giggle. It has about 25.8% THCA content and can be a delicious treat for muscle cramps, appetite loss, and depression. Lemon Drop has a distinctive sour citrus-lemon flavor with strong notes of grapefruit and sweet tropical fruity undertones.
Hood Candy Hybrid is a fantastic strain made by crossing Runtz with Why U Gelly. Feel uplifted, calm, and peaceful with this delicious strain that has 20.3% of THC-A content. Hood Candy taste like zesty flavored sweet candies.
Sex Panther Sativa is an ultra-powerful strain backed by a whopping 25.14% THC-A content, promising an energizing, cerebral high that's perfect for daytime use. Get ready to feel brilliantly awake, social, and more creative than ever before.
Gian Carlo OG Sativa is a powerful strain with a THC-A content of 25.14%. Enjoy a high-intensity experience and medicate confidently using this potent strain for beneficial effects every time.

Container Unit: 4g
Extract Type: THCA
Strains: Gelly Biscuits Indica, Sex Panther Sativa, Gelato Hybrid, Gian Carlo OG Sativa, Death Star Indica, Justice Kush Indica, Lemon Drop Sativa, Hood Candy Hybrid
Product Facts: Strain-specific terpenes, Grown indoors, Maximum potency & freshness, Third-party laboratory-tested, Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

Terp 8 came into the Delta 8 market to offer premium quality products to cannabis lovers. Delta 8 does not have the same psychoactive effects as THC, so people can enjoy it without worrying about the side effects. People can find a flavor that suits their taste best, from Delta 8 THC gummies to Delta 8 disposable cartridges.

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