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RA Royal CBD | Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape - 2g

Strain: Sour Tangie - Sativa
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Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape By RA Royal CBD

Indulge in the exceptional experience of Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape By RA Royal CBD. Each flavor offers a unique and delightful taste profile combined with the desired effects of our thoughtfully crafted terpene formulas. The vape device is rechargeable for convenience, featuring a USB-C charging port located on the bottom of the device.
Sour Tangie Sativa: Taste the essence of a tart, juicy tangerine with subtle floral and herbal notes. This Sativa terpene formula provides a focus and energy-boosting effect.
Strawberry Cough Sativa: Experience the flavor of fresh berries, accompanied by hints of pine, pepper, and spice. This Sativa terpene formula delivers a focused and energizing effect.
Mango Kush Hybrid: Savor the taste of juicy mangoes with creamy undertones of honey and flowers. Our hybrid terpene formula induces a mood-boosting and relaxing effect.
Banana Runtz Hybrid: Enjoy the flavor of ripe bananas with herbal and cannabis notes. This hybrid terpene formula uplifts and enhances creativity.
Watermelon Zkittles Indica: Delight in the sweetness of watermelon and lemonade, balanced with earthy undertones. This Indica terpene formula provides a relaxing experience.
Purple Punch Indica: Immerse yourself in the flavors of cherry, blueberry, and grape, complemented by hints of vanilla and citrus. This Indica terpene formula induces a relaxing effect.
Blackberry Kush Hybrid: Indulge in the taste of fresh, juicy berries with subtle cannabis notes. This hybrid terpene formula promotes relaxation and aids in sleep.
Blue Zkittles Indica: Savor the essence of the popular cannabis strain, featuring tart berry flavors, sweet earthiness, and wildflowers. This Indica terpene formula delivers a relaxing experience.
Each Delta 8 Vape pen contains 2 grams of terpene-enhanced distillate, offering an approximate total of 1800mg of Delta 8 THC.
Directions for Delta 8 Vape device
To Turn On the Vape: Press the black button rapidly five times to turn the vape on or off. The white light near the charging port will flash to indicate the power status.
To Use the Vape: (Note: Pressing the black button activates vaporization. Alternatively, you can inhale through the mouthpiece while the vape is turned on. Holding the button will produce a more potent inhalation.)
1. Take one inhalation, hold it in for a few seconds, and exhale smoothly.
2. Repeat three to four times, allowing at least 1 minute between each draw.
3. If desired, repeat the process after 30-40 minutes.

Delta 8 Strength: Approx. 1800mg
Container Unit: 2g
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Strains: Sour Tangie Sativa, Strawberry Cough Sativa, Mango Kush Hybrid, Blackberry Kush Hybrid, Banana Runtz Hybrid, Purple Punch Indica, Watermelon Zkittles Indica, Blue Zkittles Indica
Product Facts: Rich terpene profile, Derived from hemp with less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

If you are looking for the best CBD gummy manufacturer in the market, you have come to the right place. RA Royal CBD is one of the top brands that offer premium quality CBD products. The company pays great attention to its product's quality and uses only organically grown industrial hemp plants and a clean CO2 extraction method to get its high-grade CBD extract. RA Royal CBD sends its CBD extract to special laboratories to ensure its products' purity and potency.

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