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Qwin THC A Flower Indoor 4g - 1P

Strain: Lemon Cherry Gelato - Hybrid
Unit: 4g
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Qwin THC A Flower Indoor

This jar is perfect to have on hand for any occasion as it contains high quality THC A flower. When you smoke it you can expect moments and a lot of enjoyment. The Qwin THC A Flower Indoor offers a variety of hemp strains each, with their effects that are amplified by the THC A extract.
For an evening indoors Lemon Cherry Gelato Hybrid is a choice. It brings together lemons, rich cherries and sweet berries to create a taste experience. The high starts with a wave of happiness that quickly gets rid of any moods or racing thoughts. As time goes on it transitions into a stoney state where you'll feel euphoric but also slightly unfocused at times.
Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey, with Mac 1 Sativa. It delivers a flying euphoria that will make you feel like you're floating in space. Instantly your mind will be filled with happiness and a slightly hazy sensation. Alongside this uplifting experience your body will also enjoy relaxation to keep you grounded while your mind soars to heights. Mac 1 offers a combination of spicy, fruity berry flavor with an exhale that has hints of gas.
Atomic Apple Sativa is a strain designed for those who enjoy the taste of apples. It provides an experience delivering bursts of energy focus and happiness, with every inhale. The flavor profile starts with the sweetness of apples. Ends with a refreshing menthol kick. After consuming you'll feel an energizing high that expands your mind and brings forth feelings of euphoria. This strain enhances your ability to concentrate and motivates you to tackle any task with enthusiasm.
F1 Durban Sativa is a balanced strain that offers both physical effects. It's perfect for a Saturday afternoon when you have tasks to accomplish but don't need focus. The high quickly takes effect elevating your mood and boosting energy in your mind. Suddenly you'll feel motivated and energized ready to get off the couch. This strain also enhances sociability making it great for socializing in settings, like gatherings or outdoor adventures with friends. F1 Durban offers a combination of tangy lemon citrus taste with a hint of peppery and earthy notes, on the exhale.
When it comes to a smoking experience and incredible flavor in a strain Peanut Butter Gelato is the perfect choice. This exceptional creation is a result of blending the delicious Do Si Dos and Mendo Breath strains. From the hit this strain delivers elevated effects that linger until the end accompanied by a taste that will leave you craving for more. After a minutes you'll feel an uplifting sensation gently embrace your mind elevating your mood and filling you with happiness. This euphoric state soon transitions into a carefree experience that can have you bursting into laughter over the things. Indulge in its nutty creamy peanut butter vanilla flavor with subtle hints of floral undertones upon exhaling.
Cap Junky is a strain known for its remarkable potency as an Indica dominant variety. It strikes a balance, between invigorating and relaxing effects making it highly sought after by discerning users. The high hits quickly and powerfully between your eyes after exhaling inducing sensations accompanied by a pleasantly dizzying feeling. The sensation of tingling and mental stimulation accompanies an euphoric state making conversations, with those around you effortless and engaging. This tingling feeling gradually spreads throughout your body leading you into a state of relaxation without causing sedation. Adding to its effects is an fruity taste, enhanced by a touch of flowery menthol.
Gushers Hybrid; Its flavor can be described as fruits and sweet berries with a hint of spiciness. The high from Gushers is equally delightful bringing about effects that uplift your mood and leave you feeling amazing throughout the experience. You'll initially feel an onset of tingling sensations in your body subtly reaching your bones before elevating you into a state of relaxation accompanied by a touch of heightened arousal. As your body settles into this state your mind transcends into happiness and tranquility free from any negative or racing thoughts.
White Runtz Hybrid; It offers a taste that aligns perfectly with its name. A fusion of sweet and sour fruity candy, with an undertone of citrus. The aroma perfectly complements this profile featuring an earthy citrus essence intensified by hints of picked fruits. This strain not boasts a flavor but also delivers long lasting effects.
The experience of consuming White Runtz is just as enjoyable, as its flavor. It provides an long lasting effect that will make you feel comfortable and at ease in no time. It starts with a tingling sensation in the spine and neck gradually spreading throughout your body.
Try the Banana Punch Hybrid for a state that effortlessly puts you in a calm and tranquil mood. The effects come on slowly. Then hit you with force. You'll feel euphoric. Focused, with a burst of energy while your body relaxes completely. Eventually the soothing feeling might even make you want to take a nap. This strain is made by crossing Banana OG with Purple Punch creating a combination of flavors, like tropical pineapple, ripe banana and hints of spicy berries.
If you're an Indica lover don't miss out on GMO x Choco Indica strain! Its high is captivating for both the mind and body. Starting off with an gradual rise you'll feel the effects gently wrap around you before taking hold. At first your mind will be graced with a sense of calm and happiness accompanied by a touch of creativity and sociability that makes conversations effortlessly enjoyable. As time goes on your body will experience a growing sense of relaxation that anchors you to the couch and envelops you in tranquility.. Lets not forget the flavor profile that adds to the experience. Imagine the sweetness of creamy vanilla cake with hints of peppery sage and fresh flowers.
Experience Bolo Runtz Indica. It's a variation of Runtz that surprises you with its transition, from a scent to a robust gelato fragrance creating an intricate candy like aroma.. When it comes to flavor it doesn't disappoint either. Think sweet powdery candy that brings back memories. Users have reported potent effects that settle into your chest and provide a encompassing relaxation throughout your body.
Onto Wedding Cake Hybrid. This strain is known for its sweet smell and fruity taste. It's, like indulging in cookies mixed with cherry pie for an fusion of flavors. While some users may find it to have calming effects it is known for its ability to soothe nerves and alleviate symptoms related to anxiety. Although it may not have an impact, on focus and energy levels you might experience side effects such as dry eyes and a dry mouth.
Black Ice Indica; This strain is derived from crossing the sought after Black Dominia and Ice strains. What sets Black Ice apart is its THC content averaging around 24%. It's famous for producing a combination of euphoria and sedation providing a couch locked sensation while still allowing for functionality and energy. Users often describe its aroma as a floral hay" scent while the sweet berry flavor carries a hint of spiciness upon exhale. In addition to being potent Black Ice is also considered delicious.
Cherry Zoda Hybrid; This strain delivers a blend of sugary cherry berry flavors with underlying notes of creamy diesel. The high takes effect immediately after exhaling resulting in an euphoria characterized by energizing mental stimulation and motivation. As your mind gradually relaxes into contentment you'll experience a body that induces deep relaxation, throughout your entire body. This state often culminates in feeling peacefully sleepy.
Cherry Pie Hybrid; This delightful flower combines the fruity flavors of cherry and berry with a diesel taste, on the exhale. It offers an satisfying experience for your taste buds. The high starts slowly gently entering your mind and bringing about a tingle that sparks conversations. As the mental effects settle you'll feel a tingling sensation throughout your body leading to a couch lock experience that keeps you relaxed and immobile. Towards the end of the high you'll find yourself in an sleepy state perfect for drifting off into peaceful sleep.
Choco Indica; Treat yourself to the flavor of Choco, where the sweetness of chocolate candy takes stage. The high it brings is a balance of uplifting joy and relaxation providing both energy and physical comfort. It starts by lifting your mood to happiness freeing your mind from any racing thoughts. This euphoric experience is accompanied by increased creativity and enhanced focus sharpening your senses for engagement. At the time you'll feel relaxation, in your body without feeling excessively sedated.

Container Unit: 4g, 7g, 56g, 1P
Extract Type: THC-A
Strains: Lemon Cherry Gelato Hybrid, Mac 1 Sativa, Atomic Apple Sativa, F1 Durban Sativa, PB Gelato Indica, Cap Junky Hybrid, Gushers Hybrid, White Runtz Hybrid, Banana Punch Hybrid, GMO x Choco Indica, Bolo Runtz Indica, Wedding Cake Hybrid, Black Ice Indica, Cherry Zoda Hybrid, Cherry Pie Hybrid, Choco Indica
Product Facts: Premium quality, Third-party lab-tested, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

The company was founded by enthusiasts who wanted to help people and ease their pain using the benefits of cannabis. Qwin uses MicroFusion technology, which is an ultrasonic emulsion process that allows them to create a more bioavailable formula. Employing this method helps CBD to become a more absorbent particle. which your body can process more efficiently and quickly.

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