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Qwin THC A Flower Exotic

Strain: Sherbacio Sweet Tea - Hybrid
Unit: 4g
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Qwin THC A Flower Exotic

Although in the field of botany the term "exotic" typically refers to plant species that're not native, to a region or are cultivated beyond their natural distribution the definition of an "exotic flower" has become subjective and is loosely used by many. Apart from its native status it often relates to cannabis strains known for their outstanding aroma, flavor and appearance. This piques the interest of users who seek an experience. If you're curious about trying a flavor for your joint without falling victim to deceptive trading practices consider giving Qwin THC A Flower Exotic a try today!
Sweeties Sativa; This particular strain offers a mix of honey and citrus flavors with a subtle touch of sour lemon on exhaling. The Sweeties strain provides a milder high that brings about elevation while simultaneously inducing relaxation in the body. The uplifting effects become noticeable within minutes after your inhalation promoting a sense of happiness that dispels any negative or racing thoughts. Subsequently a dash of mental energy emerges invigorating your mind without affecting your energy level in any way.
Blue Nerdz Hybrid; This strain delivers a high that encourages relaxation while maintaining an enhanced state of creative thinking, for extended periods. It starts with a sensation that fills your mind with a burst of energy and motivation wrapped in a touch that ignites your creative flow. As the uplifting feeling takes hold a deep sense of relaxation sets, in grounding you and potentially affecting your movements if you take much at once. This strain offers a flavor profile characterized by its fruity essence and a gently spicy aftertaste.
Jealousy 1/23 Hybrid; Jealousy is an well balanced strain that delivers comprehensive effects leading to prolonged relaxation. It instantly uplifts your mood bringing forth a mindset accompanied by euphoria and a touch of inspiration. The mental boost is complemented by increased motivation preparing you to focus on any task, at hand. Despite the body that comes with the euphoric lift it leaves you comfortably at ease without inducing drowsiness. Notably Jealousy boasts a flavor profile featuring sweet and creamy fruity candy notes with a tangy citrus undertone that becomes more pronounced when exhaled.
Gas Face Hybrid; This beautiful bud combines flavors of fruity cherry berries highlighted by subtle hints of spicy gas and peppery diesel.
The high sets, in quickly starting with a tingling feeling in the forehead before taking hold. At first you'll feel a surge of energy and creativity accompanied by a soaring sense of happiness that brings a smile to your face and inspires you to pursue any endeavor. However it's advisable to act as this initial burst of energy gradually fades away replaced by a contentment that can sometimes be mildly relaxing.
Ice Cream Cake Indica; With its combination of creamy cheesiness and lingering sweetness this exceptional strain provides relief for chronic pain and nausea. Its effects are just as impressive as its flavor inducing uplifting and relaxing sensations that quickly lead to a state of tranquility. The high begins with a rush of effects elevating your mind to a place of happiness and ease while dispelling any negative or racing thoughts. Afterwards a comforting body high gradually wraps around your being guiding you into a deep state of relaxed sedation before gently leading you into a peaceful drift away, from consciousness.
Wedding Pie Indica; Wedding Pie is an indica hybrid that beautifully combines the qualities of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie.
This particular strain has an aroma that reminds you of a fruity dessert, characterized by lemony and gassy notes. People often mention feeling a sense of tranquility when using it highlighting how well its genetic elements work together.
Sherbacio Sweet Tea Hybrid; Known for its flavor and long lasting effects this strain is perfect, for people who enjoy a delightful taste. It has an nutty profile with hints of tangy citrus and tropical notes. The flavor is complemented by a creamy undertone and finishes with nuanced touches of orange and woods when you exhale. The effects are more on the calming side making it great for an afternoon or evening when you don't have many tasks to do. When the high kicks in you'll feel focused and happy accompanied by a sense of euphoria. This initial experience is followed by relaxation that soothes any discomfort or pain you may have. As the high continues you'll notice an increase in euphoria and creativity enhancing your skills and making you more sociable—perfect for engaging conversations with those, around you.
Sherbanger Hybrid; Sherbanger is a strain that combines the qualities of Sherbert and the genetics of Headbanger, which is a cross, between Sour D and Biker Kush. It offers a blend of flavors of fuel infused Sherbert. This strain is highly regarded by users as a choice for relaxation in the afternoon or evening. If you're searching for a bud with a delicious taste look no further than this remarkable strain. Sherbanger delivers effects and high potency with each inhale accompanied by a mouthwatering flavor profile. Its taste is a mix of sour creamy citrus accented by subtle hints of spicy herbs and the fresh essence of fruity blueberry gelato. The effects are felt quickly inducing a tingling and stimulating state that enhances creativity and happiness immediately after exhaling.
Halle Berry Indica; Halle Berry is an Indica strain known for its visually striking appearance. Dense purple buds with vibrant orange highlights covered in a generous layer of trichomes. Engaging all your senses this strain offers a flavor profile with notes of berries and blueberries complemented by a citrusy aroma due, to its dominant terpene called limonene. Halle Berry has gained a lot of popularity among users, for its ability to provide relief from stress and sleeplessness. People who consume it often experience a sense of relaxation and happiness.
Jealousy 12/28 Hybrid is highly recommended for cannabis users due to its THC levels in the late 20s. It's particularly effective in addressing conditions such as depression, chronic stress, mood swings, chronic fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite. Jealousy is a balanced strain that delivers comprehensive effects inducing long lasting relaxation. Its buds have a flavor profile with hints of sweet and creamy fruity candy followed by a citrus aftertaste upon exhaling.
SR Indica is tailored for those who appreciate both flavor and effectiveness in their strains. This particular bud stands out with its combination of sour tropical citrus flavors complemented by notes of sharp lemon and spicy herbs. The high sets, in immediately bringing about a state of happiness and ease where creativity flourishes and social interactions become effortless.
Bolo Runtz Indica; Bolo Runtz flowers showcase a mix of colors with shades of lime forest green and hints of purple. You can also spot orange patches, on these medium sized buds. When you break the flower open a sweet scent reminiscent of sugar fills the air bringing back memories of candies like Fun Dip. This particular Runtz strain offers a transition from a fragrance to a robust gelato aroma creating a delightful and complex candy like smell. The taste perfectly matches the scent with its terpene profile that resembles powdery candy. Users have reported experiencing a yet potent effect that brings relaxation throughout their body and settles in their chest.
Bernscotti Sativa; Indulge in the essence of this strain as each inhalation reveals rich notes of vanilla and nutty kush. The effects gradually unfold a few minutes after taking your toke immersing you in a state of sociability. Euphoria permeates your being making you more inclined to engage in conversations with those around you. However there may be moments when bursts of thoughts briefly distract you.
Dantes Inferno Indica; More comforting and delicious than infernal Dantes Inferno is famous, for its flavor profile. The combination of strawberries dipped in cream, along with fruits and a hint of nuttiness creates a taste. After exhaling you'll begin to feel a high that starts in your mind and spreads throughout your body. This experience leaves you feeling uplifted yet relaxed with a mindset for tasks. It also enhances sociability making it great for situations. However be cautious as the initial intense effects can transition into a state leading to drowsiness and eventually sleep.
Cadillac Rainbow Hybrid; With THC levels ranging from 18% to 22% this strain packs quite a punch. Its powerful impact may take you by surprise providing an experience. Cadillac Rainbow has an aroma and a sweet flavor that will make you want another hit. The taste lingers in your mouth for quite some time leaving behind an aftertaste. This strain is highly regarded for its ability to induce relaxation, in the body and also offers pain relief.
Runtz Hybrid; This exceptional strain boasts a fruity profile featuring abundant tropical citrus notes and tangy berries. The strong effects of the kick, in a minutes after your last puff bringing a calming sensation to your head and spreading a tingling feeling throughout your body. Runtz is highly regarded for its ability to address conditions such as pain, insomnia, loss of appetite or nausea well as anxiety or stress.
GMO Indica; GMO is an Indica hybrid achieved by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Chemdawg. It features buds covered in white trichomes and orange hairs. GMO is known for its flavors that include a diesel aroma with a hint of garlic. Users often describe feeling a soothing effect on their body accompanied by euphoria. The high starts gradually. Then quickly takes you to cloud nine. Your mind becomes more focused and creative making it great for tasks or checking off items, on your to do list. Eventually a deep physical relaxation takes over enveloping your body in a sense of calmness that makes you feel anchored to the couch and causes your eyes to become heavy.
Red Velvet Sativa; Red Velvet, a strain that leans towards Sativa is created by crossing Lemon Cherry Gelato with Pina Acai. What sets it apart is its aroma of cinnamon and red hot candies. When it comes to taste and smell you'll experience a chocolatey and creamy flavor with hints of vanilla and various fruits. The high it delivers is just as enjoyable, as its profile providing an full bodied effect that brings tranquility to both your body and mind. It stimulates your state with a tingling sensation that awakens your senses fueling creativity and enhancing happiness. While your mood lifts your body gradually relaxes into a sense of calmness that revitalizes and soothes simultaneously.
Lemon Cherry Gelato Indica; Perfect for unwinding at home in the evening Lemon Cherry Gelato offers a fusion of flavors and effects that promise bliss. Combining the tanginess of lemons the richness of cherries and the sweetness of berries creates a taste experience. The high starts with a surge of happiness that swiftly dispels any negativity or racing thoughts. However this state transitions, into an euphoria accompanied by moments of intense bliss.
Choco Indica; When it comes to satisfying your cravings for creamy flavors Choco takes the crown. This bud offers a taste that reminds you of creamy chocolate candy. The high it provides is. Brings joy, a mix of mental stimulation and physical relaxation. At first you'll feel a wave of positivity, in your mind bringing happiness and a sense of ease without any racing thoughts. Along with this feeling comes a boost, in creativity and enhanced focus sharpening your senses and igniting your gears. At the time your body will experience relaxation sometimes making you feel comfortably settled without causing drowsiness.
E85 Hybrid; A exceptional creation E85 flawlessly combines the best qualities of its parent strains. With a fruity aroma that has hints of dessert sweetness this strain delivers an incredibly pleasing sensory experience. Crafted for cannabis users E85 offers a blend of happiness, relaxation and euphoria. Its flavor profile features sweet fruity notes with a touch of citrus creating a sensation.
Permanent Marker Hybrid; The Permanent Marker strain creates a symphony of experiences blending together floral, soapy, candy and gassy funk aromas in a seamless transition, to its taste. What stands out is its lingering flavor profile, characterized by a mix of soapy funk with notes of sweet candy and floral gas undertones. This strain is renowned for its potency. Is known to bring about relaxation, ignite creativity, increase appetite and leave you wanting more.
The Malibu Pure Kush x Topanga Canyon OG Hybrid: This strain combines the sweetness and sourness of woody pine flavors with hints of citrus. Invigorating mint upon exhaling. The high it delivers is just as captivating as its flavor offering timeless effects that provide an uplifting experience throughout. You'll feel tranquil, elevated, with a mind and relaxed body. As, for Topanga Canyon OG it's a balanced hybrid featuring the combination of sweet and sour woody taste along with an explosion of sharp orange upon exhaling. The high gradually unfolds in your body while lifting your spirits and sharpening your senses.
Lastly we have Kush Cake Indica...Discover the captivating world of Kush Cake, a strain that combines the flavors of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Enthusiasts have reported experiencing a mood, feelings of joy and a deep sense of relaxation when enjoying this strain. The fragrance of Kush Cake is a blend of earthy notes, with hints of lemon and vanilla adding a touch of sweetness. For enjoyment it is recommended to indulge in Kush Cake during afternoons or evenings.
For those seeking a cannabis experience Frosted Flakes Sativa is an Indica hybrid known for its high THC levels. This strain brings about a sense of relaxation accompanied by tingling sensations, euphoria and mild energy boost. It effectively alleviates fatigue and stress while offering flavors and a floral aroma reminiscent of a breakfast cereal. Users have reported effects on conditions such as anorexia, stress, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.
Cap Junky Indica stands out as a Indica dominant hybrid that appeals to discerning users seeking both relaxation and invigorating effects. The high hits swiftly yet after exhaling inducing a blissful and slightly dizzying sensation centered between the eyes. Mental stimulation accompanies this tingling experience while immersing you in euphoria that makes conversations easy and engaging with those, around you.
The tingling sensation spreads gradually throughout your body bringing about a state of relaxation without causing drowsiness. Adding to its effects is an fruity taste, enhanced by a hint of menthol, with floral undertones.
Pave Hybrid; Pave offers an experience characterized by its gassy flavor resulting from the combination of Paris OG and The Menthol strains. Resembling jewelry this strain displays buds covered in a flurry of white trichomes. With its THC content Pave is known for providing a deep and mind altering experience that adds a touch of luxury to any given moment.
Slurry Indica; If you're a fan of strains and looking for a blend of superb taste and potent effects your search ends here – Slurry will captivate you with its delightful fusion. This bud boasts a berry flavor with hints of spicy tropical fruits and earthiness upon exhaling. The high gradually takes hold after exhaling starting with a tingling sensation, at the back of your head before quickly intensifying. As the experience unfolds it brings forth an uplifting euphoria that fills you with happiness while effortlessly dispelling any lingering thoughts.
Experience the Animal Cookies Hybrid, which lives up to its name by offering an irresistible flavor. This vape provides an experience, with its nutty cookie sweetness complemented by spicy notes. It's the choice for unwinding before bedtime or enhancing your enjoyment of your show. Animal Cookies is a strain created by crossing the Girl Scout Cookies with Fire OG strains resulting in a relaxing body high that effortlessly melts away worries and brings you into a deep state of tranquility. You'll also enjoy a lifted mood, gentle euphoria and warm relaxation accompanied by hints of sour fruity flavors paired with spice herbal notes. The initial swift lift smoothly transitions into soothing body relaxation creating a sense of ease and calmness. Animal Cookies is well known for its benefits in addressing stress, pain, insomnia and depression. With its sour taste reminiscent of freshly baked cookies enriched with nutty undertones this bud promises a satisfying and enjoyable experience.
Indulge, in the Pure Michigan Indica hybrid boasting a THC content of 29%.Based on feedback, from users this strain has been reported to create feelings of relaxation, excitement and amusement quickly gaining popularity among enthusiasts. The primary terpene found in this variety is limonene, which contributes to its scent and taste characterized by hints of tree fruit, lime and ammonia.
Dulce De Uve Indica; Dulce De Uva is a hybrid resulting from the combination of Grape Pie and OG Kush. It captivates with its colors and a delightful aroma infused with grape and vanilla notes. Renowned for its flavor and calming effects Dulce De Uva is an ideal choice for Indica lovers who seek deep relaxation. After exhaling your puff you will start feeling the uplifting sense of happiness and tranquility in your mind effortlessly dissipating any lingering negative or racing thoughts. As your mind settles into this state a soothing body high will embrace you gently leading you into a state of sedation before eventually immersing you completely in a relaxed sensation.
Melon Cake Indica; Melon Cake is an Indica hybrid with an impressive THC content of 25%. Users have reported experiencing euphoria, enhanced creativity, relaxation as potential benefits such, as pain relief and increased appetite.
The Melon Cakes flavor profile combines the taste of melon the smoothness of vanilla and hints of citrus with an emphasis, on the dominant terpene called limonene.
Subzero Sativa is a balanced strain that develops dense buds covered in resinous trichomes. It is created by crossbreeding two male strains (Chemdawg & Hindu Kush) with a Strawberry Diesel. This strain offers flowers with a diesel like earthy aroma. Its taste is characterized by a combination of strawberry and diesel flavors. Users have reported feelings of happiness, euphoria, relaxation, pain relief and even drowsiness.
Funky Charm Hybrid is a strain resulting from the fusion of Grease Monkey and Rainbow Chip. It brings together fruity flavors that're both sweet and sugary enhanced by hints of chocolate and nutty vanilla notes. The high hits you quickly after exhaling providing effects on both your body and mind. It offers stimulation that boosts energy and enhances sociability—making it perfect, for socializing with friends or even strangers. Alongside this mental boost comes a relaxation that starts as a tingling sensation before gradually enveloping you in a state of sedation.
The Cereal Runtz Hybrid strain is well known for its purple orange buds that emit a pleasant aroma reminiscent of sweet and fruity cereal milk. Users have reported experiencing feelings of euphoria, relaxation and an increased appetite due, to its THC content ranging from 20 25%. The flavor profile of Cereal Runtz combines berry, cream and citrus notes in a blend.
Experience the allure of Super Boof, a hybrid created by crossing Black Cherry Punch with Tropicana Cookies. Its robust deep green buds glisten with calyxes reflecting the qualities of its parent strains. Users often describe sensations of relaxation, joyfulness and heightened focus while experiencing euphoria and enhanced creativity. With a THC level testing at 28% Super Boof owes its potency to the terpene myrcene which contributes earthy and cherry notes to its aromatic profile.
Indulge, in the effects of Biscotti Sherbet Indica strain which brings together Sunset Sherbet and Biscotti in harmony. Enjoy the combination of diesel aroma mixed with hints of cookies and sweet berries flavors. Users have praised its ability to create a sense of relaxation, in both the mind and body. This strain offers an satisfying experience, with its combination of skunk cookies and sweet berries delivering a flavor.
Try the Kushlato Hybrid for a blend of Kush Mints and Gelato that will remind you of a dessert with a hint of gas. This strain is created from Gelato 41 & Kush Mints #19 resulting in an aroma and taste profile characterized by batter and gas. With terpenes this strain promises a sensorial experience. Immerse yourself in cultivated buds that capture the essence of nature.

Container Unit: 4g, 7g, 56g,
Extract Type: THCA
Strains: Sweeties Sativa, Blue Nerdz Hybrid, Jealousy 1/23 Hybrid, Gas Face Hybrid, Ice Cream Cake Indica, Wedding Pie Indica, Sherbacio Sweet Tea Hybrid, Sherbanger Hybrid, Halle Berry Indica, Jealousy 12/28 Hybrid, SR Indica, Bolo Runtz Indica, Bernscotti Sativa, Dante's Inferno Indica, Cadillac Rainbow Hybrid, Runtz Hybrid, GMO Indica, Red Velvet Sativa, Lemon Cherry Gelato Indica, Choco Indica, E85 Hybrid, Permanent Marker Hybrid, Malibu Pure Kush x Topanga Canyon OG Hybrid, Kush Cake Indica, Frosted Flakes Sativa, Cap Junky Indica, Pave Hybrid, Slurry Indica, Animal Cookies Hybrid, Pure Michigan Indica, Dulce De Uve Indica, Melon Cake Indica, Sub Zero Sativa, Funky Charm Hybrid, Cereal Runtz Hybrid, Super Boof Indica, Biscotti Sherbet Indica, Kushlato Hybrid
Product Facts: Premium quality, Third-party lab-tested, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

The founders of Qwin understand that they can not solve the underlying obstacles that cause lifelong health issues. But they can give numerous people a natural tool, which can make their lives easier. They infuse food-grade flavors into every formula to create an effective product and maintain a lower cost.

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