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Qwin | Delta 8 THC Cartridge - 1g

Strain: G. Diddy P. - Indica
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Delta 8 THC Cartridge By Qwin

Delta 8 found in cannabis has a structure, to THC but is less psychotropic. The Qwin Delta 8 THC Cartridge offers a buzz without making you feel stoned. While Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC have similarities Delta 8 is known to boost appetite relieve nausea reduce stress and alleviate pain.
G. Diddy P. Indica; This hemp strain is famous for its ability to bring relaxation and improve sleep quality. It delights your taste buds with the flavors of grapes and berries. It's an Indica hybrid that works well in the evening when your body craves relaxation.
Pink Cookies Indica; Enjoy the exquisite Pink Cookies strain with its cherry taste accompanied by nutty vanilla and creamy caramel undertones. Using this Delta 8 cartridge will provide a soothing calmness that leaves you relaxed and ready for a sleep.
Sub lime Hybrid; Inhale this strain for an energizing head that boosts energy, focus, motivation and creativity. It has an aroma, with hints of floral spice flavor and a subtle pineapple aftertaste upon exhaling.
Super Lemon Haze Sativa; Super Lemon Haze is a strain that leans towards Sativa dominance. It combines the flavors of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze resulting in a blend that uplifts and energizes. With its zesty and citrusy terpene profile along, with a sweetness Super Lemon Haze guarantees an experience.
Orange Squeeze Sativa; This strain not offers a flavor but also delivers an invigorating high that quickly awakens the mind. Its effects are felt immediately upon exhale providing a surge that ignites creativity and propels you into action. In this state you'll experience a prevailing sense of happiness accompanied by a smiling face and lively demeanor. Orange Squeeze boasts a sour citrusy orange taste finishing with a sweet banana aftertaste.
Lychee Do Indica; For those seeking the fruity indica to unwind Lychee Do is a choice. This strain delights with its sugary fruity candy flavor, complemented by hints of citrus and fresh honey. The high gradually takes effect a minutes after exhaling surprising you with a rush that activates your mind while fostering focus. You'll find yourself motivated and sociable effortlessly engaging in conversations.
The initial feeling of happiness gradually transforms into a state immersing you in an carefree mindset that makes it difficult to focus on anything specific.
Brotha Louie Indica; This strain is often sought after, for its invigorating and tingling effects that simultaneously stimulate the mind and soothe the body. Its impact is quick providing a boost that enhances your senses and sparks creativity. Soon after a mental tingling settles bringing a soothing sense of unfocused bliss to your mind. This sensation slowly spreads throughout your body promoting relaxation without compromising alertness. It has a flavor profile that brings out sweet and tangy citrusy lemon pine notes, accompanied by an herbal aroma delivering a sensory experience.
Puff Berries Hybrid; Offering a combination of flavors this strain is characterized by its sweet and fruity taste, with hints of creamy berries and subtle undertones of fresh vanilla. Upon exhaling the smoke or vapor you will experience an uplift in your state as it energizes your mind and sharpens your senses. Enjoy enhanced clarity and creative inspiration accompanied by a surge of motivation that effortlessly prepares you for whatever tasks lie ahead.

Container Unit: 1g
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Strains: G. Diddy P. Indica, Pink Cookies Indica, Sub-lime Hybrid, Super Lemon Haze Sativa, Orange Squeeze Sativa, Lychee-Do Indica, Brotha Louie Indica, Puff Berries Hybrid
Product Facts: 510 Cartridge, Third-party lab-tested, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

From the very beginning, the manufacturers of Qwin wanted to create a natural source of relief for everyone. Especially for those who spend many hours a day dealing with anxiety, pain, or distress. The company pursuits a smarter cannabis consumption method, which lead them to found the product that became Qwin.

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