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Purlyf | Live Resin Delta 8 + THC-H + HHC-P + Delta 11 Smacked Cartridge - 4g

Strain: Hawaiian Dream - Sativa
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Live Resin Delta 8 + THC-H + HHC-P + Delta 11 Smacked Cartridge By Purlyf

Give yourself only the best treats of the hemp world using this top-notch product. Live Resin Delta 8 + THC-H + HHC-P + Delta 11 Smacked Cartridge By Purlyf has a fantastic flavor and comes in a convenient pack of two. You will never run out of delicious vape juice with this premium Delta 8 cartridge.
Hawaiian Dream Sativa can be an enjoyable way to focus your mind, feel energizing vibes, and experience happy sensations. This wonderful strain is formulated by crossing the lovely Maui Wowie with Blue Dream, so you can imagine by now how tasty this strain is. Hawaiian Dream delivers a strong exotic fruity flavor with notes of pineapple and grapefruit.
Berry Gelato Hybrid is a flavorful Indica-dominant strain with an insanely delicious terpene profile. The inhales of this strain are full of sweet berry and blueberry flavor, while the exhales deliver unique flowery lavender hints. Berry Gelato can give you a cerebral boost, tingly body relaxation, and help you fall asleep faster.
Strawberry Lemonade Sativa will remind you of warm summertime evenings full of energizing vibes and peaceful sensations. This exquisite strain can help you with fatigue, nausea, PTSD, pain, headaches, etc. Vaping a Strawberry Lemonade Delta 8 cartridge is like drinking a refreshing juice made of sweet strawberries and lovely berries that has a spicy-sour touch.
Gobstopper Indica can be your number one sleep aid because this potent Indica strain has long-lasting relaxing properties that will put you into restful sleep. Dive into a state of deep relaxation and enjoy sweet berry flavor with tart fruity and sour earthy undertones.

Container Unit: 4g, 2 Cartridge Per Pack, 2g Per Cartridge
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC, HHC-P, THC-H, Delta 11
Strains: Hawaiian Dream Sativa, Berry Gelato Hybrid, Strawberry Lemonade Sativa, Gobstopper Indica
Product Facts: Compatible with 510 batteries, Potent cannabinoid blend, Premium hemp-derived extracts, Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

Many people prefer to boost the body and mind, relax, and find inner balance using CBD's natural benefits. And many CBD product manufacturers offer high-quality CBD oil infused in various products to help people with their wellness goals. Purlyf CBD is not an exception. The company provides high-quality vape products with different flavors so that everyone can find a CBD product that suits their taste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Juan M
Marriage Iguana Reviews: Purlyf Smacked Hawaiian Dream

Smoking the Purlyf Smacked Hawaiian Dream was definitely an interesting one, in the actual normal strain its a CBD dominant contender rather than THC bringing it usually calming and relaxing effects, in this cart its more Uplifted, Focused and Clear Headed ive noticed, definitely also relaxed as well, however if you are prone to anxiety or paranoia this may not be for you as i do have anxiety and sometimes if i get too up there i get very anxious. I did also do a review on this product! You can check it out on my youtube channel here —>

Purlyf Smacked Gobstopper 5 out of 5

Pleasant flavor, smooth and easy on the lungs, and spectacular effects. Also, cartridges neither leaked nor clogged, providing a completely chill vaping experience. Will definitely buy again!

Klint Jordan
Ummm good

I like

Charmayne Necklace

I fxckin loved these might order some more....

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