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Puffy THC-A Sauce Live Resin Disposable - 4.5g

Strain: Shuvit - Indica
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Puffy THC-A Sauce Live Resin Disposable

THC A, a cannabinoid found in plants shows promising effects, on the human body. When exposed to heat or light THC A transforms into Delta 9 THC, which's responsible for the cannabis experience. Research suggests that THC A has inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti nausea properties indicating its possible use in treating conditions like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and cancer. Additionally THC A might contribute to stimulating appetite and reducing anxiety. The Puffy THC A Sauce Live Resin Disposable offers a blend of cannabinoids such as THC A, THC P, HHC O and HXY 10 combined with resin to provide an experience.
The term "THC A Sauce" refers to one of the fractions formed during the separation process in a laboratory when creating a full spectrum extract from flowers. In extracts derived from plants this fraction contains a concentration of terpenes and an array of cannabinoids. Terpene full spectrum extracts typically consist of around 50% THC A along, with varying percentages of terpenes ranging from 13% to 40% depending on the composition of the plant material.
Regarding Shuvit Indica; The journey starts with a burst of energy and euphoria that fills you with happiness while sharpening your mind and concentration. As this feeling grows stronger an calming body high emerges, leading you into a state of tranquility and complete relaxation. Shuvit offers a diesel taste highlighted by hints of lemon and pine complemented by a subtle touch of spice when you exhale.
Ghetto Bird Indica; This strain brings about an euphoric high lifting your spirits and helping you unwind. The cerebral effects become noticeable after exhaling enhancing your mood and sharpening your senses. This elevated state encourages sociability and creativity making it perfect, for engaging conversations. It is followed by a soothing body that relaxes from head to toe without causing sedation or couch lock. Ghetto Bird features a sweet and floral fruity lavender flavor with lingering notes of blueberries, on the exhale.
Hippiez Hybrid; This exceptional strain offers a flavor profile that combines the sweetness of pine with earthy undertones resulting in an enjoyable smoking experience. Its potent yet sweet aroma immediately uplifts your spirits. Renowned for its ability to enhance focus and creativity this strain makes it effortless to tackle tasks after consumption.
Creepin' Hybrid; If you're looking for a taste and an uplifting experience Creepin' is the choice. This strain offers a mouthwatering flavor with hints of cherries fruits, from the trees, nutty cookies and zesty lemons with a citrusy twist. The high kicks in quickly after exhaling starting with a tingling feeling behind the eyes and on the sides of the forehead. It brings about an energizing and outgoing sensation although you might find yourself more prone to bursts of laughter than conversations.
Jelly Bean Sativa; With its tangy citrus candy flavor and range of uplifting effects Jelly Bean is like a treat that leaves a lasting impact. Beyond its taste this strain provides balanced and long lasting effects. The high starts off gently with a boost of euphoria that enhances your mood significantly while providing a touch of energy. As the head progresses your body gradually relaxes while still maintaining a sense of ease without any heavy effects.
Icing Sativa; Named for its flavor Icing is the perfect remedy, for those sluggish mornings when getting out of bed feels like a challenge. With its creamy vanilla lemon flavor that reminds you of your favorite fruity icing Icing will definitely leave you wanting more.
The feeling of being uplifted and euphoric comes with a sense of motivation that energizes your senses. It fills you with the inspiration and concentration needed to tackle your tasks and responsibilities.

Container Unit: 4.5g
Extract Type: THC-A, THC-P, HHC-O, HXY 10
Strains: Shuvit Indica, Ghetto Bird Indica, Hippiez Hybrid, Creepin' Hybrid, Jelly Bean Sativa, Icing Sativa
Product Facts: Live Resin, Rechargeable, Third-party lab-tested, Contains CBN & CBG, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

From the very beginning, the manufacturers of Qwin wanted to create a natural source of relief for everyone. Especially for those who spend many hours a day dealing with anxiety, pain, or distress. The company pursuits a smarter cannabis consumption method, which lead them to found the product that became Puffy By Qwin.

Customer Reviews

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Talk about a clean high

Avid THC smoker here. Recently switched to the legal THCA and st first I could tell it wasn't as strong with the other products I tried. I came across this website and this product and Holy cow it put me on my behind. This was a clean hitting high and it felt amazing!

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