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Puffy Super Blend HHC Live Resin Disposable - 2g

Strain: Watermelon Hash - Indica
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Puffy Super Blend HHC Live Resin Disposable

Carefully crafted to provide an experience the Puffy Super Blend HHC Live Resin Disposable showcases the artistry behind its design. Taking inspiration from the cannabis plant this brand creates combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes that reflect the popularity of todays strains. By blending hemp derived HHC, HHC O, HHC P, CBN and CBG with terpenes Puffy has curated an experience that rivals cannabis strains in complexity.
Watermelon Hash Indica; Indulge, in a fusion of watermelon Asian pear and whipped cream that produces a sequence of puffs. This strain is perfect for those moments when you crave relaxation. Highly regarded for its mouthwatering watermelon flavor and soothing indica dominant effects it lives up to its name with its fruity taste complemented by hints of fruits. The high it delivers is equally delightful—an overture of relaxation that brings tranquility to both mind and body for a period. Experience an blissful calmness in your mind while your body gradually eases into a state of relaxation on the couch.
Louie The G Indica; Brace yourself for an explosion, with this strain—it doesn't sneak up on you; instead it delivers an impact.
Prepare yourself for a sensation that will encompass your body and mind accompanied by a blissful and joyful experience. Heavens King is an soothing strain, to immersing yourself in the delightful flavors of a freshly made strawberry shortcake.
Indulge in the taste of Glaze Hybrid of a sweet sugary strawberry adorned with vanilla and cream. The high it offers is equally enjoyable providing a state of mind that's profoundly relaxing without any feelings of heaviness. As this state intensifies you'll also experience a surge of energy that can motivate you to move if needed although it may not necessarily inspire physical activity. Like visiting your bakery the Glaze strain perfectly captures the distinct flavor of a strawberry glazed doughnut satisfying all your cravings.
Peach Persy Hybrid presents itself as a strain with an lively flavor profile that delivers uplifting effects while leaving both your mind and body entirely relaxed and carefree. True, to its name Peach Persy offers a peach taste with hints of sour citrus and sweet cream. The high it produces reflects the beauty of its flavor by inducing lasting effects that bring about a sense of calmness while alleviating both mental and physical discomfort.
Overall it's a experience that brings about a calming and soothing feeling both, in the mind and body easing away any tensions or anxieties. With its combination of papaya and peach flavors this strain delivers an incredibly relaxing effect.
Space Balls Sativa; Treat your taste buds to the fusion of berries and melon offered by this strain. Take a journey with this variety that guarantees an enjoyable uplifting experience. Its bubbly euphoric effects make it a perfect choice for your hour. Primarily affecting the mind it brings about a sense of tranquility, euphoria, focus and positive energy.
Daydream Sativa; The high gradually unfolds, initially bringing forth a sensation that uplifts your mood and provides a touch of motivation and pure joy. As you delve deeper into this state a sense of sleepiness and relaxation emerges spreading throughout your body in comforting waves. Expect bursts of flavor of berries and watermelon. This strain is ideal, for whenever you need a boost of energy.

Container Unit: 2g
Extract Type: HHC, HHC-O, HHC-P, Full Spectrum
Strains: Watermelon Hash Indica, Louie The G Indica, Glaze Hybrid, Peach Persy Hybrid, Space Balls Sativa, Daydream Sativa
Product Facts: Live Resin, Rechargeable, Third-party lab-tested, Contains CBN & CBG, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

The company was founded by enthusiasts who wanted to help people and ease their pain using the benefits of cannabis. Puffy By Qwin uses MicroFusion technology, which is an ultrasonic emulsion process that allows them to create a more bioavailable formula. Employing this method helps CBD to become a more absorbent particle. which your body can process more efficiently and quickly.

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