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Puffy Delta 9 THC + HHC Super Blend Disposable - 2g

Strain: Cream Pie - Indica
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Puffy Delta 9 THC + HHC Super Blend Disposable

Experience the Puffy Delta 9 THC + HHC Super Blend Disposable, meticulously designed to replicate the live resin experience. Puffy creates distinct cannabinoid formulas accompanied by terpene profiles that faithfully mirror the popularity of today's most sought-after strains. With an impressive 2 grams per disposable pen, this vape offers a substantial dose of cannabinoids like Delta 8, HHC, Delta 9, and CBN, ensuring it lasts twice as long as other pens on the market.
Cream Pie Indica; Cream Pie stands as an excellent option for enthusiasts of timeless indicas. True to its name, Cream Pie delights the palate with a super sweet and creamy flavor, complemented by notes of fresh berries and a hint of spicy diesel. Its high is quintessentially indica, inducing lifted and relaxing effects, making it an ideal choice for winding down and preparing for a restful night's sleep. You'll experience an uplifted and euphoric state, characterized by a sense of unfocused happiness. This is seamlessly accompanied by a soothing body high that gradually leads to couch-lock before lulling you into a profound and tranquil sleepy sedation.
Watermelon Cream Indica; This strain delivers a delightful combination of sweet watermelon and grape flavors, complemented by a creamy and punget lemony exhale. The high takes effect almost immediately after exhaling, surging through your mind with a giddy and unfocused sense of pure euphoria and ease. You'll find yourself in a sociable yet giggly state, slightly disconnected from the world around you, laughing at the simplest of things. Alongside this lifted mental state, a relaxing body high sets in, encouraging you to kick back while also inducing a notable case of the munchies.
Girls Indica; This potent strain combines stunning visuals, incredible flavor, and a calming high, providing an exceptional experience for any Indica hybrid enthusiast. The flavor profile unfolds with a sweet sugary blueberry overtone, complemented by hints of flowery rose and a touch of earthiness. The high gradually envelops you in slow waves, steadily intensifying before reaching its full effect. Your mind will ascend into a state of tranquil happiness, characterized by a soothing and slightly heady experience. The heightened creativity accompanying this euphoric state inspires artistic inclinations and social engagement. A relaxing body high completes the experience, calming your physical form before transitioning into a full sedative state.
Heaven's King Indica; For an enduring elevated experience that feels divine, Heaven's King is your answer. This strain seamlessly blends mind and body effects in every delightful inhale, providing lasting relief and relaxation. The journey begins with a gentle uplift, bathing your mind in blissful euphoria and a subtle sense of unfocused serenity. As your mental state ascends to new heights of happiness, your body gracefully descends into profound relaxation, occasionally leading to a couch-locked and mildly sedated sensation. Enjoy the sweet, flowery, woody flavor, accented by hints of spicy pine upon exhale.
Peach Rosin Hybrid; Indulge in the delightful Peach Rosin strain, boasting a superbly sweet and slightly sour peach flavor with each inhale. This strain offers a profoundly relaxing high, perfect for nights when you crave tranquility before bedtime. Experience a gentle cerebral lift, complemented by a mild euphoria that uplifts your spirits without compromising your energy. The soothing body high gradually sets in, guiding you into a state of physical sedation, eventually leading to a deep and peaceful sleep.

Container Unit: 2g
Extract Type: HHC, Delta 8, Delta 9, Full Spectrum
Strains: Cream Pie Indica, Watermelon Cream Indica, Girls Indica, Heaven's King Indica, Peach Rosin Hybrid
Product Facts: CBN + Minors Cannabinoids, Rechargeable, Third-party lab-tested, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

From the very beginning, the manufacturers of Qwin wanted to create a natural source of relief for everyone. Especially for those who spend many hours a day dealing with anxiety, pain, or distress. The company pursuits a smarter cannabis consumption method, which lead them to found the product that became Puffy By Qwin.

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