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Puffy Delta 8 THC Cartridge - 2g

Strain: Pink Cookies - Indica
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Puffy Delta 8 THC Cartridge

Embark, on a journey through the world of Delta 8 with the Puffy Delta 8 THC Cartridge! This cartridge, containing 2 grams of hemp goodness perfectly complements your lifestyle. With a Delta 8 THC concentration you'll experience satisfying effects that kick in within minutes.
Indulge yourself in the Pink Cookies strain, which leans towards Indica dominance. It offers a cherry aroma complemented by hints of nutty vanilla and creamy caramel. This Delta 8 cartridge is guaranteed to bring about a sense of calmness leaving you feeling relaxed and ready for a sleep.
Experience lasting euphoria with Rainbow Kush, an Indica strain that provides a sustained boost to your creativity and sociability. Its sweet fruity berry flavor is enhanced by notes of lime and lemon.
Get a head high with Sub lime Hybrid leading to increased energy, focus, motivation and creativity. This strain has an aroma, with floral undertones and a subtle hint of pineapple upon exhaling.
For all the sativa enthusiasts seeking energizing effects Fruity Gangster Sativa is the choice. Its invigorating properties will give you the lift you desire.
The high kicks, in quickly and forcefully bringing about tingling and invigorating sensations that immediately uplift your mood. You'll feel a surge of energy and a sense of optimism to take on any challenges. Alongside this boost there is also a physical relaxation that keeps you grounded and free from discomfort.
Brotha Louie indica; This particular strain is often sought after for its tingling effects that simultaneously provide clarity and physical relaxation. These effects come on swiftly rushing into your mind with an energizing boost that heightens your senses and sparks creativity. After you'll experience a mental tingle that eases into your thoughts inducing a calming state of blissful tranquility. This delightful sensation gradually spreads throughout your body promoting relaxation without diminishing your vitality. With its flavor profile featuring hints of sweet and tangy citrusy lemon pine accompanied by an herbal aroma it offers a rounded sensory experience.
Orange Squeeze Sativa; This strain delivers both a taste and an invigorating high that quickly awakens the mind. The effects take hold the moment you exhale filling your mind with a surge of energy that ignites inspiration and motivates you to dive into tasks, at hand. In this state of euphoria happiness prevails as you radiate with smiles and exude liveliness.
Orange Squeeze provides a blend of citrus orange taste followed by a satisfyingly sweet exhale, with hints of banana.
Puff Berries Hybrid; This delightful strain offers a fruity flavor with creamy berry undertones complemented by subtle touches of fresh vanilla. The high quickly stimulates your mind as you exhale engaging your thoughts and energizing your senses. Experience enhanced focus and creative inspiration accompanied by a surge of uplifting motivation that effortlessly prepares you for your tasks.

Container Unit: 2g
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Strains: Pink Cookies Indica, Rainbow Kush Indica, Sub-lime Hybrid, Fruity Gangster Sativa, Brotha Louie indica, Orange Squeeze Sativa, Puff Berries Hybrid
Product Facts: 510 Cartridge, Third-party lab-tested, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

The founders of Puffy By Qwin understand that they can not solve the underlying obstacles that cause lifelong health issues. But they can give numerous people a natural tool, which can make their lives easier. They infuse food-grade flavors into every formula to create an effective product and maintain a lower cost.

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