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Penjamin Cart Pen

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Penjamin Cart Pen by Smyle Labs

This innovative device doubles as a pen and a pen battery, offering both discretion and functionality. Smyle Labs introduces the aromatherapy Cart Pen, a sleek design that resembles a traditional pen, elevating your convenience. Crafted from durable materials, this cartridge-compatible writing tool (cartridge not included) seamlessly blends everyday utility with vaping needs.

The Penjamin Cart Pen merges the utility of a discreet writing instrument with an aromatherapy battery. It boasts a high-performance cartridge battery, compatible with 1g and 0.5g cartridges, and offers a premium build quality. Users can adjust the voltage and utilize a preheat function for a tailored experience. Its unique feature as a functional writing pen enhances its convenience and portability, making it ideal for discreet, on-the-go use.


The Penjamin combines a discreet ink pen design with a high-performance 510 cartridge battery. It offers adjustable voltage for customized use and a preheat function for enhanced performance. This rechargeable device comes with a Micro-USB wire and is intended solely for aromatherapy, not as a tobacco product. Its design embodies elegance and efficiency.


The Penjamin™ offers a stealthy solution with its 510 threaded battery, perfect for cartridge use. It doubles as a functional pen, allowing discreet usage without drawing attention to its aromatherapy capabilities.


To operate the Penjamin, unscrew the bottom part counterclockwise for writing. For vaping, remove the top rubber cover, attach any 510 threaded cartridge, and replace the cover. Activate the device by pressing the button under the clip five times, preheat with two clicks, and set the temperature with three clicks.

Comes With:

1 x Cart Pen, 1 x Micro USB charger, 1 x .5 cartridge adapter (empty aromatherapy cartridge is not included)

The Cart Pen is not a tobacco or vapor product; it's designed for aromatherapy, equipped with a 510-threaded adapter for writing. It contains no tobacco, liquid, extract, or other consumable substance.

FAQ about The Penjamin

  1. What is The Penjamin? The Penjamin is a dual-function device serving as both a writing pen and a 510-threaded battery for aromatherapy cartridges.

  2. Can The Penjamin be used with any cartridge size? Yes, it is compatible with both 1g and 0.5g cartridges, although cartridges are not included.

  3. Does The Penjamin have adjustable settings? Yes, it features adjustable voltage and a preheat function for a customized experience.

  4. Is The Penjamin rechargeable? Yes, it includes a Micro-USB wire for recharging.

  5. Can The Penjamin be used for tobacco or vapor products? No, it is designed exclusively for aromatherapy purposes and not intended for tobacco or vapor products.

  6. How do I use The Penjamin for writing? Unscrew the bottom part of the pen in a counterclockwise direction to use it for writing.

  7. How do I activate the aromatherapy function of The Penjamin? Remove the top rubber cover, insert a 510-threaded cartridge, replace the cover, and click the button under the pen clip five times to turn it on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Monica U.

Great customer service,fast shipping and an awesome cart pen.Thanks

Kay W.

It's incredibly discreet, especially if people aren't familiar with it. I use it discreetly at work all the time. Definitely worth buying if you're considering it.

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