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Ghost | THC-A + HXY 9 THC + Delta 9 Disposable Devices 7g - 2 Pack

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Strain: XXX OG Indica + Cheesecake Indica
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THC-A + HXY 9 THC + Delta 9 Disposable Devices By Ghost

These disposable vape pens make it easy to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. The potent blend of cannabinoids and strain-specific terpenes produce powerful effects with a simple breath. Enjoy a consistent and reliable experience every time with THC-A + HXY 9 THC + Delta 9 Disposable Devices By Ghost - perfect for those times when you need results fast.
XXX OG Indica + Cheesecake Indica: XXX OG Indica is the perfect strain for unwinding after a long day. Enjoy its calming effects to help you relax and ease into the night. With its soothing properties, experience the bliss of total comfort and serenity! This Cheesecake Indica strain will help you achieve the tranquility you need after a long day. Enjoy a peaceful, calm environment as this strain helps relax your mind and brings clarity. Subtle, mellow sensations will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful, perfect for unwinding and letting go.
Lava Cake Hybrid + Horchata Hybrid: Feeling down? Here's how to get UP with the perfect pick-me-up! Our Lava Cake hybrid strain is the ultimate feel-good balance, providing a burst of enthusiasm with a mellow calm that'll have you ready to take on the world! Get ready for a delicious eruption of flavor and a strain that will truly make you feel like you can do anything! Horchata Hybrid strain - the perfect harmony between stimulating Sativa and soothing Indica, this strain is sure to bring your body and mind into balance. Perfect for getting you in the zone when you're feeling a little 'blah', you'll feel fabulous after a few tokes! Enjoy a myriad of different effects - around this sweet and creamy strain, you will be in a state of heavenly equilibrium!
Apple Sundae Sativa + Lemon Pie Sativa: Cure your case of the Monday blues with this Apple Sundae Sativa strain! With uplifting, energizing effects, this strain can turn a dull day into one that’s filled with good vibes and a happy demeanor. So take a bite out of this special sundae and you’ll be feeling like you’re sitting atop the world with a cherry on top! Plus, nothing beats the flavor of this sweet and flavorful strain! Welcome to a slice of Lemon Pie Sativa, the perfect addition to any party! Being uplifted and energetic is what this strain is all about, so take a few puffs and get ready to have some fun. Feel your spirit soar with the high-THC content and be filled with enthusiasm and motivation. Get your hands on this delicious strain and get ready to make some unforgettable memories!

Container Unit: 7g - 2 Pack
Extract Type: THC-A, Delta 9 THC, HXY 9 THC
Strains: XXX OG Indica + Cheesecake Indica, Lava Cake Hybrid + Horchata Hybrid, Apple Sundae Sativa + Lemon Pie Sativa
Product Facts: Potent blend of distillates, USA Hemp-derived, Organic strain-specific terpenes, Rechargeable, Less than 0.3% THC, Third party laboratory tested

Ghost gives everyone access to the finest hemp-infused products in the industry. This brand has a strong image and already has faithful customers because it offers the most natural-testing disposable vape pens on the market. No screens, no buttons, and no hassles - just vape. Rest assured that Ghost uses only the finest hemp plant in formulating its hemp products!

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