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Flying Monkey and Space Walker | Live Resin Delta 8 Rechargeable Disposable - 3g

Strain: Astroboy - Sativa
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Live Resin Delta 8 + THC-P Rechargeable Disposable By Flying Monkey And Space Walker 

The collaboration between Flying Monkey and Space Walker brands made it possible to create this flavorful and enjoyable hemp-based product. Live Resin Delta 8 + THC-P Rechargeable Disposable By Flying Monkey comes in a large 3g tank, which can be perfect for those who seek longer enjoyment. This product offers you eight fantastic strains alongside the unique effects of THC-P and Delta 8 THC.
Astroboy Sativa is a beloved powerful strain made by crossing Apollo 13 with Ortega and Cinderella 99. This unique strain will give you an instant head rush, making you extremely motivated with an uplifting mood. You will feel energized, focused, and blissfully happy. Astroboy delivers a sour-tangy grapefruit flavor with a buttery-nutty-pine taste and has notes of sweet blueberry and cherry.
Rocket Fuel Hybrid can give you the sweetest sleep in your life. This fantastic strain possesses relaxing and euphoric effects that can help you with nausea, insomnia, pain, and muscle cramps. It delivers a diesel-like flavor profile with pungent spice notes.
Northern Lights Indica has relaxing properties that can ease your pain, calm your mind, and keep you in a happy mood. This lovely strain features a sweet yet pungent flavor profile with a smooth spice aftertaste.
Space Cookies Hybrid can give you enjoyable relaxation during the day, evoking happy and euphoric sensations. This well-balanced hybrid strain tastes like sour lemon peels with notes of sweet pine.
Watermelon Sangria Hybrid is a crossbreed of White Sangria and Zkittlez, which has a sweet fruity-earth flavor profile with notes of pepper and wood. This strain can be your ideal way to relax your body, calm your mind, and eliminate sticky thoughts.
Dream ‘N Sour Sativa is a fantastic crossbreed of Sour Jack and Blue Dream strains, which is good for headaches, fatigue, and depression. This powerful Sativa strain will make you energetic, motivated, and focused. Dream ‘N Sour has a juicy-sweet berry-blueberry fruity flavor and sour notes of citrusy lemons.
Sour Tangie Sativa is a potent strain made by crossing East Coast Sour Diesel with Tangie that can elevate your mood and energize your body. This strain can be a great solution for conditions like fatigue, ADHD, muscle spasms, stress, appetite loss, and chronic pain. Sour Tangie delivers a sour diesel-like flavor with sweet and tangy notes of orange.
Grand Daddy Purple Indica is the number one strain for better sleep and body relaxation. Nearly every hemp enthusiast loves this strain for its euphoric effects and happy sensations. Grand Daddy Purple has a sweet grape flavor with pine-earth undertones.

Container Unit: 3g
Extract Type: THC-P, Delta 8
Strains: Astroboy Sativa, Rocket Fuel Hybrid, Northern Lights Indica, Space Cookies Hybrid, Watermelon Sangria Hybrid, Dream ‘N Sour Sativa, Sour Tangie Sativa, Grand Daddy Purple Indica
Product Facts: USB-C rechargeable device, Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party laboratory-tested

Flying Monkey is a brand that manufactures high-quality hemp-derived products that can help people with their everyday needs. You can use these products to manage pain, anxiety, or stress, relax and get a night of better sleep. Flying Monkey's all products contain accurate laboratory test results, ensuring their purity and quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Loretta Randall

Super 🔥🔥🔥Disposable works great.Thanks

Emanuel Hood

Works great, pulls smooth and doesn't clog.But while the pen was in my pocket it started warming up, but only a little and not enough to notice at first. Within seconds it became painfully hot and when I removed it the white light was lit indicating it was active. It burnt through about 70% of the 3g. .but maybe i had done the rong step,so be carefull!!! :)

Alfredo C.

Disposable works great. Hits good. You have to warm up before your first hit if you haven’t hit it in a while.

Davidson Diana

Everything was well packaged and definitely hits.Shipping is also very reasonable. Feels great buzz is great and it hits good too

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