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Exodus | Live Resin THC-A + HXY 9 THC + Delta 8 Pods Titan Pods 2ct - 4g

Strain: Pink Kush - Indica
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Live Resin THC-A + HXY 9 THC + Delta 8 Pods Titan Pods By Exodus

Elevate your vaping experience to new heights with Live Resin THC-A + HXY 9 THC + Delta 8 Pods Titan Pods By Exodus. Indulge in the sensational flavors and potent effects meticulously curated for your pleasure. Unleash the ultimate vaping bliss as you embark on a journey with these top-notch pods. Each pack contains two high-quality 2gram pods, delivering a total of 4grams of pure vaping delight.
Every pod is packed with a powerful blend of high-quality extracts, providing an immersive and intense vaping experience. The rich flavors and robust effects will leave you fully satisfied after every session. The convenience of these Titan Pods is unmatched, offering two pods in each pack, allowing you the freedom to switch between flavors for double the vaping enjoyment. Whether you seek relaxation after a long day, socializing with friends, or simply unwinding, these pods are your perfect companion.
Discover the tranquility and balance with the Pink Kush Indica, delivering calming effects for a peaceful rest. Alternatively, energize yourself with the uplifting Black Widow Hybrid, inducing euphoria and relaxation to help you feel at ease.

Container Unit: 4g - 2 Pods, 2g Per Pod
Extract Type: THC-A, HXY9 THC, Delta 8
Strains: Pink Kush Indica, Black Widow Hybrid
Product Facts: Live Resin, Third party laboratory tested, Premium hemp-derived distillate, Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC

Introducing the only brand of hemp-based goods that guarantee pure satisfaction. Exodus is the premier source for your most righteous hemp needs and desires. Time to get good and blazed with the best! Soak in that high and fly away with Exodus—these goods are sure to have you living life on a higher plane.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christina M.

It delivers an excellent euphoria, boasts a pleasant flavor, and offers a smooth draw.

Hale Roland

These gave me a very very nice high and I didn't cough at all.Thanks

Lynda Flowers

My initial experience with pods surpassed my expectations. I definitely favor them due to their smooth draw and excellent flavor.

Mercedes M.

I purchased both flavors, and they deliver a smooth draw, pleasant taste, and a satisfying high. Overall, I would rate them an 10 out of 10.

Alfred L.

These pods are fantastic! Additionally, these pods are compatible with the Goliath battery. However, I've also acquired the Titan battery, which I find superior to the Goliath. The Titan features a button, providing more versatility and options.

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