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Exodus CB9A + THCa + THCP Diamond Sauce Disposable 8g

Strain: Pink Rozay - Indica
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Exodus 8 Gram Disposables CB9A + THCa + THCP

Introducing the revolutionary Exodus 8 Gram Disposables CB9A + THCa + THCP - the pinnacle of innovation in the hemp-derived market. This 8g marvel is not just any vape; it's a game-changer, meticulously designed to offer you an unparalleled vaping experience. Crafted by the experts at Exodus, a brand renowned for pushing the boundaries, this disposable vape is where potency meets ingenuity, setting a new standard for enthusiasts everywhere.

The Exo Club has truly outdone itself with this exceptionally powerful and cutting-edge device! Packed with an intensely potent 8g mixture of CB9A, THCa, THCP, and Diamond Sauce Concentrate, the Exodus Diamond Sauce Collection Disposables offer unparalleled potency. Prepare for a distinctive combination of profound, enduring entourage effects and an explosion of taste with every puff! Features include pre-heat functionality, adjustable voltage, a smart LED display, and USBC charging for convenience.

Choose from five beloved cannabis strain profiles for your ultimate vaping pleasure.

Why Choose Exodus CB9A + THCa + THCP Diamond Sauce Disposable 8g?

  • Unmatched Potency: Dive into the world of intense euphoria with our high-potency blend of CB9A, THCa, and THCP, enriched with the exquisite Diamond Sauce concentrate. This unique combination delivers a powerful, heady buzz followed by a profound, euphoric body high, ensuring an experience like no other.

  • Innovative Cannabinoid, CB9A: Meet CB9A - the golden child of hemp-derived cannabinoids. Stronger than CBD and akin to Delta 8 THC in effects, CB9A is our secret to a significant, lasting head change. Enhanced with acetate for even more potency, it promises a Delta 9-like experience without the crystallization issues, paving the way for future innovations.

  • State-of-the-Art Hardware: Our sleek, discreet, and durable disposables are engineered for perfection. With button activation, variable voltage, and pre-heat options, every puff can be personalized. The smart LED screen keeps you informed about battery life, oil volume, and temperature, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Plus, with a USBC port for rapid charging, your vape is always ready when you are.

  • Flavors That Excite: Choose from five tantalizing flavors, each inspired by classic cannabis strains. Whether you prefer the relaxation of Indica, the uplift of Sativa, or the balance of Hybrid, we have a profile to suit every taste.

    • Pink Rozay (Indica)
    • London Purpz (Indica)
    • Guava Gelato (Hybrid)
    • Green Crack (Sativa)
    • Golden Pineapple (Sativa)

Key Features:

  • Premium 8g Disposable Vape: Packed with 8000mg of active ingredients for a lasting experience.
  • Unique Blend: A potent mix of CB9A, THCa, THCP, and Diamond Sauce for comprehensive effects.
  • Customizable Experience: Button-activated with pre-heat and variable voltage settings.
  • Advanced Technology: Smart LED screen with a USBC rechargeable port.
  • Quality Assurance: Lab-tested for quality, potency, and safety, ensuring peace of mind with every puff.

Elevate your vaping journey with Exodus Diamond Sauce Disposable Vape. Experience the future of hemp-derived products today and discover why Exodus is the first choice for discerning enthusiasts. Don't settle for less - indulge in the extraordinary. Order now and be among the first to embrace the evolution of vaping!

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