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Exodus | Amanita Multiplex Mushroom Disposable Vape - 2.2g

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Flavor: Blue Berry Blast
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Amanita Mushroom Multiplex Disposable Vape By Exodus

Enjoy your favorite mushroom conveniently and discreetly with the Amanita Multiplex Disposable Vape By Exodus. Perfect for people on the go, this premium vape pen is a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy their favorite flavors. With every puff, you will get the most flavorful, rich, and enjoyable vaping experience featuring premium mushroom extract and delicious flavors. Amanita Multiplex Disposable Vape By Exodus is the perfect choice for those who want the most luxurious mushroom vaping experience. With its easy-to-use and no-mess design, this disposable device is the perfect choice for all your vaping needs. Plus, with its convenient disposable design, you can easily carry it around and vape wherever you want. So get ready to experience smooth and delicious drags every time and enjoy convenience and portability with top-notch quality and flavor.
Blue Berry Blast flavor will blast your taste buds! Enjoy a delicious puff of berry goodness that won't put a dent in your pocket. Yum!
Sour Mango - taste the sweetness and sourness of a tropical getaway with this mushroom disposable! It is the perfect way to bring a little bit of paradise to your day-to-day routine. Experience an exotic mix of flavors without ever leaving your couch.
Strawberry Kiwi - enjoy the berry-goodness with this vape pen! It surely will leave your taste buds satisfied. With one puff, you will get a mouthful of berry sweetness.
Blood Orange offers a delightful complexity reminiscent of navel oranges, with floral and tart notes. Sweeter and less acidic than regular oranges, it's a truly satisfying flavor.
Grape Punch presents a bright and delicious taste that quenches your thirst for refreshment, leaving you pleased as punch.
Sour Apple combines sweetness, tartness, and tanginess in a perfect blend. With just the right touch of sourness, it won't leave your face puckering after one sip.
Watermelon Lime delivers divine refreshment with the sweet juiciness of watermelons and the zesty kick of limes. This exotic fusion of flavors has been a long-awaited burst of delight, perfect for satisfying your cravings all year long.                                                  Orange Pineapple Sativa is celebrated for its mouthwatering fragrance and taste, an enchanting fusion of sweet orange complemented by subtle notes of earthy pineapple and pine. This strain offers a gradual and soothing high, characterized by a cerebral clarity and focus reminiscent of an indica, followed by a comforting body buzz.
Caution is advised not to indulge excessively in one sitting, as it can induce fits of laughter and enhance talkativeness, potentially beyond what's typical in social settings. Thanks to its clarifying influence on social interaction and its mild body high, this strain has been chosen for addressing social anxiety, stress disorders, and PTSD.

Container Unit: 2.2g
Flavors: Blue Berry Blast, Sour Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, Blood Orange, Grape Punch, Sour Apple, Watermelon Lime
Product Facts: Amanita mushroom, Third party laboratory tested

Experience the premium quality of Exodus Brand hemp goods from Buy CBD Hub! Our hemp goods are designed with your satisfaction in mind and are perfect for those looking for a natural, sustainable way to enhance their well-being. Shop Exodus for an unbeatable selection of products that are sure to meet all your needs. Enjoy the benefits of hemp goods today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great anti-depressant.

Exodus Amanita Multiplex Mushroom Disposable Vape is amazing.. Works well, very long lasting. You won't be sorry. An amazing company to deal with also.

Deleted user


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