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Delta Extrax | Live Resin THCM + HXY 9 THC + HXY 8 THC Disposable - 3.5g

Strain: Thin Mintz - Hybrid
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Live Resin THCM + HXY 9 THC + HXY 8 THC Disposable By Delta Extrax

Did you know that you can experience the more potent effects of Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC with this premium product? HXY 9 THC has more potency than regular Delta 9, and HXY 8 THC is more effective than Delta 8 THC. And the newly discovered THCM cannabinoid is combined with these two powerful extracts to provide you with new sensations. Live Resin THCM + HXY 9 THC + HXY 8 THC Disposable By Delta Extrax is something you want to try right now. The first THCM-infused disposable vape pen on the market is offered to you by the most famous Delta Extrax brand.
Thin Mintz Hybrid is a tasty strain that can provoke passionate sensations by enhancing your feelings. This lovely hybrid strain will keep your whole body in a warm euphoria, leaving you joyful and satisfied. Thin Mintz delivers a refreshing minty flavor with creamy notes.
Forbidden Jelly Indica can be a perfect solution for muscle cramps, pain, insomnia, and stress. This flavorful Indica-dominant strain has a pleasant flavor of fruity cherries and musky hints. Forbidden Jelly can uplift your mood and give your body a tingly relaxation.
Death Star Hybrid is a super powerful strain that can take you to another reality. The effects of this wonderful strain come slowly but keep the body in a relaxing state longer than any other Indica strain. Death Star has a sweet flavor profile with notes of skunk and diesel.
Kandy Kush Sativa tastes as it sounds - sweet flavorful fruity candies with sour lemon undertones. It would be hard for you to stop inhaling the delicious flavor of this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that energizes you with every puff.

Container Unit: 3.5g
Extract Type: HXY 8, THCM, HXY 9
Strains: Thin Mintz Hybrid, Forbidden Jelly Indica, Death Star Hybrid, Kandy Kush Sativa
Product Facts: Live terpenes, Derived from natural hemp, Rechargeable, USB-C charger - cable not included, Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested
Suggested Use: 1 to 2 puffs to establish individual tolerance.

This is a company that genuinely cares about its customers and makes sure that they will receive only the best hemp-derived products. Delta Extrax gets its hemp extracts from natural and organic hemp and tests them in third-party laboratories. In addition, the company produces various hemp-derived collections for everyones' needs.

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