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Binoid | THC-A Slush Series Disposable - 7g

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Strain: Grape Slush - Sativa
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THC-A Slush Series Disposable By Binoid

Introducing the ultimate game-changer! Binoid has dedicated nearly a year to develop this revolutionary device, boasting the most potent battery on the market. Known as the BFV, this innovation virtually eliminates clogging and leaking issues. Behold the THC-A Slush Series Disposable By Binoid, the world's first true 7-gram disposable. Packed with extracts like Delta 9P (Delta 9 THC-P) and Delta 9H, it takes the vaping experience to a whole new level. Delta 9 THCP, the mightiest variant of THC-P, sets it apart, while Delta 9H (Delta 9 THC-H) offers a unique and distinct mental journey. Combined with THCA, Delta 9P, and Delta 9H, this blend delivers an incredibly potent experience. The second 7-gram blend and device on the market, it's designed for an astonishing high.
Just like all Binoid products, this disposable uses premium distillate safely extracted from Hemp, offering a mind-body experience like no other. The power of bulk combined with the sleek, stylish design of the THC-A Slush Series Disposable By Binoid makes it the perfect choice to impress your friends.
Grape Slush Sativa: Ideal for a midday boost, it combines sweet berry grape with sugary bubblegum and a hint of sour lemons, providing a happy, uplifting sensation to tackle any task.
Blueberry Slush Indica: Boasts mouthwatering blueberry vanilla flavor and delivers a calm, euphoric high.
Dew Drop Indica: Offers a sweet and sour fruity candy flavor with a touch of sour citrus, inducing relaxation and an unfocused state.
Strawberry Slush Hybrid: Known for its delicious taste resembling fresh strawberries with sugar and whipped cream, providing a balanced indica and sativa experience.
Pina Colada Sativa: Delivers a delicious experience reminiscent of sipping on a Pina Colada, offering an immediate cerebral euphoria, mood boost, and energized sensation.
Blue Razz Hybrid: Combines a variety of fresh berries with hints of spiciness, resulting in a stimulating effect that enhances mood and focus, followed by relaxation and tranquility.

Container Unit: 7g
Extract Type: THC-A, Delta 9P, Delta 9H
Strains: Grape Slush Sativa, Blueberry Slush Indica, Dew Drop Indica, Strawberry Slush Hybrid, Pina Colada Sativa, Blue Razz Hybrid
Product Facts: Premium extracts, Rechargeable, Derived from hemp with less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party laboratory tested

Since its launching in 2018, Binoid's priority was to manufacture pure hemp products that would be available for everyone. All the exceptional hemp-derived products are formulated using pure and natural ingredients that are safe and tested. The company offers HHC, THC-O, THC-P, Delta 8, and CBD products for those who appreciate hemp's benefits.

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