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Binoid | Bounce Himalayan Grade A Shilajit Resin - 5g

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Bounce Himalayan Grade A Shilajit Resin By Binoid

Experience the incredible benefits of Bounce Himalayan Grade A Shilajit Resin By Binoid, available in a convenient 5 gram size. This premium product contains 100% pure and premium Shilajit, a mineral-rich natural ingredient sourced from the Himalayas. Shilajit has gained significant popularity in the health and wellness community for its remarkable advantages.
Benefits of Shilajit may include:
*Strengthening the Immune System
*Replenishing Deficient Nutrients
*Anti-inflammatory Effects
*Anti-Aging Effects (Rich in Antioxidants to combat free radicals)
*Improved Focus.
Bounce Himalayan Grade A Shilajit Resin By Binoid upholds the same trust and quality associated with all our outstanding products. We are dedicated to sourcing the finest Shilajit globally, and this Bounce Shilajit is making waves in the wellness world.
Notably, this product is non-psychoactive and contains:
5000mg of Pure 100% Himalayan Shilajit
Grade A Natural Shilajit
Soft Resin for Ease of Use
86+ Minerals & Nutrients.
About Bounce Shilajit: What sets our Shilajit apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and purity, a testament to our other beloved products. We source Shilajit from high-altitude regions in the Himalayas, where it forms naturally over thousands of years through the decomposition of plant matter. Our extraction process preserves the beneficial compounds and minerals, resulting in a potent and effective product. With a generous 5000mg size, this Shilajit soft resin provides a concentrated dose of this remarkable substance, allowing you to experience its benefits to the fullest. We take pride in sourcing the purest Shilajit available, ensuring the highest quality and benefits for our customers.
About Shilajit: Known as the "destroyer of weakness" in Sanskrit, Shilajit has a centuries-old tradition of use in Ayurvedic medicine for promoting overall well-being. It is packed with over 86 minerals and trace elements. Shilajit benefits encompass a wide range, including enhanced energy, mental clarity, immune support, anti-aging properties, and physical performance and muscle recovery.
Instructions for Use:
Measure your desired dose of Shilajit resin using the small scooper provided.
Place it into a cup of warm water, tea, or coffee to dissolve.
Recommended usage: Daily or in the morning.
Dosage: 200-400mg daily
Shilajit Benefits & Effects: While there aren't long-term definitive studies on the effects of Shilajit, the following insights are based on firsthand user experiences and are provided for informational purposes. Studies suggest that Shilajit may enhance blood flow and circulation, support detoxification, and provide ingredients for ATP production (cellular energy).

Users have reported feeling:
Enhanced Energy
Improved Athletic Performance
Increased Mental Focus and Concentration
Immune System Support
High Antioxidant Content

Container Unit: 5g
Extract Type: Shilajit
Product Facts: Premium quality, Third-party laboratory tested
Suggested Use: Use a small scoop to portion out your preferred amount of Shilajit resin. Add it to a cup of warm tea, water, or coffee and allow it to dissolve. You can use 200mg - 400mg daily.

Since its launching in 2018, Binoid's priority was to manufacture pure hemp products that would be available for everyone. All the exceptional hemp-derived products are formulated using pure and natural ingredients that are safe and tested. The company offers HHC, THC-O, THC-P, Delta 8, and CBD products for those who appreciate hemp's benefits.

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