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Pretty Good!

I had got one that was not working and they replaced it for free! The new one came and i was satisfied 100%.

All Natural.

All natural super mood enhancer. If you will, a powerful mood enhancer. Sence of calmness, etc.

Route protection

I love the idea, if something gets lost or stolen or if my purchase leeks I’m protected after all delta eight is expensive so the extra protection is welcomed

Best ever

Helps me sleep so well. I wish I found this sooner. I am so happy to have found this, and helped my moods too. Phenomenal!!

DeltaXL | Sour Diesel Sativa Delta 10 VG/PG (Vape) Oil 1000-3000 mg

Great value

Cart lasts about 2 days with very heavy use, works well and is a great value purchased from buycbdhub

Great flavor, great effects

I really enjoy the flavor and the longevity of these disposable pens. Super calming and helps me with nervous system dysregulation. Highly recommend for people with ptsd.

The good - the bad

I have a love-hate relationship with this.
I love what it does for my anxiety. It helps more than my anxiety meds, and doesn’t mess with my sex drive like my anxiety meds. However the after taste is horrible. Truly the only downfall I have found so far

Vance global

Excellent product.


I ordered my product DeltaXL | Granddaddy Purple Delta 8 Oil Tincture 500mg - 1000mg and the process was simple and I was able to track my package. It came in a good amount of time and it was wrapped where it would not break. The product itself I thought was okay but it kept giving me headaches after 3 days of using. I will be ordering from them again just a different product. Them as a company superior customer service.

First time

I’ve heard talk delta 8 .. so decided to give them a try! I’m so grateful I did! I’m for sure buying and having these gummies around

They pack a punch, but are inconsistent

These guys are insane but the formulation is not consistent, one time I ate 3/4th of one and I felt nothing at all. Another time I had a whole ring at once and was tripping balls completely psychotic until 4am. I just wish they were consistent dosage!

What can go wrong with Sativa strain, right? This is an amazing and natural flower, that i like very much. And the taste is so delicious...

This CBD flower is perfectly helps me with my shoulder pain. The taste is very pleasant to me. Also i like its effects, it makes me more focused and energized.

The quality of this cigarettes is on the top. Very happy with my purchase and thanks for the fast delivery!

I heard about how CBD helps with nicotine addiction and i just give it a shot And it turned out these CBD joints are perfectly helpful.


This has been the absolute best product that I’ve had so far.

I love CBD's effects, and using this body cream makes me feel amazing, knowing that my whole body will benefit from it.

This balm has a wonderful smell and really helpful. It is just perfect for everything. Love it very much, and thanks for fast delivery services.

Nice product. I have tried it after a competition, and it perfectly helped me to recover faster than usually !!!

What would i do without this amazing product? This batch bomb help me relax after being an exhaustively tired.

What would i do without this amazing product? This batch bomb help me relax after being an exhaustively tired.

This is an amazing product. It is compact and has a nice cooling effect. Thanks for fast delivery.


When I got it I dint know it was a gel it’s a mystery of how to use rum under hot water or use as a dab