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Good product, slow shipping

The carts themselves were pretty good, waiting for the items to ship them be delivered took around 3 weeks.

I love this vape cartridges.the flavor and design are awsome.i bought another 2 flavors present for my boyfriend because he loves too and he shell be happy to see it.thank you Buycbdhub for your products

This is the only brand of delta 8 I use. others I’ve tried, tasted did't like.I get consistent, positive results no matter which flavor I choose.Highly recommend this brand, especially over other vapesThank you buycbdhub for your good products and service.

I have been using delta 8 products for years and any other brands I have tried do not compare to the quality of utoya. They are bar none the top shelf of delta 8 products.This company is top tier.Thank you

Purlyf Smacked Gobstopper 5 out of 5

Pleasant flavor, smooth and easy on the lungs, and spectacular effects. Also, cartridges neither leaked nor clogged, providing a completely chill vaping experience. Will definitely buy again!

Has purchased one before loved it so much wanted to make sure I had more on hand in case anything happened to it.i use it everywhere and recomend my freinds too to buy this vape cartridge batery.

Shipped quickly and packed well.I have tried many cartrige betteries bu this one is the right thing that i choose because it works good.thank you buycbdhub for your awsome service and perfect products

I got the battery for myself and for my partner and they are
perfect!they have nice design and working good.Super fast shipping too!thank you buycbdhub for everthing.i reccomend it

These drinks hit the spot! Very light tasting but definitely effective.It’s helped me with body relaxsation.I bought all the flavors and i try the new one every day to choose my flavor.thank you buycbdhub for your tasty products

The ordering process is very fast.I highly recommend you try this product out.the flavor i tried became my favorite.I will stay faithful to your company because of your awsome products and fast service.

This drink gives me stenght,when i feel weak i drink this coctail .It was surprisingly tasty and very effective! If you have not tried this yet, do it.I will be ordering again.Thank you buycbdhub for your fast shipping and good products.

This pre roll has become my steady companion for moments of relaxation.I have unbeliveable relaxsation and nice mood.Thank you Utoya for this product

DeltaXL | THC-A Cartridge - 1mL

It was gooddd the flavor was average compared to others but it was smooth. I like the kush,buy i'll try another 2 flavors

Great product great price great service fast shipping.i'm your customer long time and buy only your products

Very good taste and just the right relaxation.I will be reordering for me and my friends.thank you for creating such a good vape

I am a hemp smoker, I have been smoking for 15 years. I have just recently been trying this product.I never thought I would find the right CBD flower but I did.thank you Utoya it's the right choice

Really good flavor, burns nicely and helps with a good relaxation in the evenings.highly recommended.after hard work i have a relax with Tango Thc p Moon Rocks

Loved this strain. Very good for the rest and the taste was lovely.i'll buy next time more,reccomend.

Good flower, especially at this price point.and decent taste.smells Great, Looks Great an overall amazing product!!! Thank you Utoya for this product.


Good customer service

Awesome experience from customer service and great products,this one is my favorite

it’s really nice quality in all aspects

Best all around bud I've found online completely satisfied. Was overtaken by looks,smell, and taste.Definetly recommend

These are the best vapes we run across.thank you BLUE MOON HEMP