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All the plants have their unique aroma and taste. That aroma comes from the aromatic compounds found in the plant called terpenes. Researchers discovered over 200 different terpenes in the hemp plant, and around 60 of them are being observed in scientific spheres.

If you enjoy the different strains of marijuana and its aromatic variations (terpene profiles), perhaps you would like to know its origins. In this article, we will introduce you to the most common terpenes in the hemp plant.

Terpenes are essential oils hidden by the plant glands that produce CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids during flowering. Each terpene has its unique smell, flavor, and therapeutic benefits. Hemp terpenes sometimes also affect the human body. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for the hemp bud's flavor profile. One of the most exciting characteristics of terpenes is their ability to combine with the cannabinoids in the plant and stimulate synergistic benefit called 'the entourage effect.' CBD flowers and buds are rich in terpenes and other cannabinoids and can allow you to grasp all the hemp plant benefits.

Terpenes can also be found in different fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs. Cannabis strain has hundreds of terpenes. And these terpenes work together and activate other compounds in the hemp plant. Besides that, the climate, soil type, and fertilizer also can affect the hemp plant's characteristics.

Multiple studies have shown that terpenes can adjust the strength of specific cannabinoids, such as Cannabidiol (CBD). This way, improving the overall benefits of the hemp plant.

Usually, our sense of smell is associated with emotions and memory centers in the brain. In this way, hemp terpenes can affect the mood. Terpenes can assist in treatment such as glaucoma, migraines, muscle strain, menstrual cramps, asthma, depression, stress, cancer, or gallstones.

The Most Popular Terpenes

Terpenes are essential compounds, and different combinations of terpenes make various aromas and flavors, which are significant to many cannabis users. More than hundreds of terpenes are found in cannabis plants, and some are the most popular. Here we will introduce you to the most popular terpenes in the hemp plant.

Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes found in the hemp plant. In a particular strain of the hemp plant, myrcene can be represented between 30% and 65% of the essential oils extracted from the plant. Myrcene is famous for its earthy and musky aroma with underscored hints of cloves. This terpene is known for supporting relaxation and tentatively help with sleep during random periods of insomnia. Myrcene also can be found in lemongrass, mango, hops, wild thyme, and parsley and can be already familiar to many of us. This terpene is used in a wide range of various products such as perfumes and foods. 

Caryophyllene is another terpene. Studies suggest that it can primarily interact with the CB2 receptor of the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

This terpene is found in oregano, black pepper, basil, cloves, and rosemary. You can quickly identify Caryophyllene by its spicy, pepper-like taste and aroma. 

Linalool is a unique terpene, which is associated with lavender. It also constitutes one of the significant terpenes in various cannabis strains. Linalool has a floral scent, as it is a lavender-based terpene, although surprisingly, it tends to give hints of spicey smell. Research suggests that this terpene can support the immune system, reduce stress, and because of that, lavender is characterized by having stress-relieving properties. 

Pinene terpene smells just like a pine, and it has two types known as alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. This terpene is associated with the ability to promote alertness and mental acuity. Pinene can also be found in rosemary, pine needles, pine trees, basil, parsley, dill, and orange peels.

Humulene is very intense in the hops, which is used throughout the brewing process. Beer lovers indeed are very familiar with Humulene. Although hops contain 20% to 50% humulene, it is also found in cannabis strains, cloves, coriander, basil and described as having an earthy and woody aroma. 

Limonene has the beautiful scent of citrus. This terpene can be found in oranges, peppermint, rosemary, juniper, and a variety of fruit rinds.  Limonene is usually used in food flavorings, skin products, and cleaning products. In the hemp plant, this terpene is known for acting as a stress-reliever and mood enhancer.

Ocimene is not so popular as other terpenes, yet this terpene can still be found in cannabis and hemp plants and parsley, mint, pepper, mangoes, basil, and orchids. This terpene produces a herbal, sweet, woody aroma, and sometimes it is characterized as having citrus undertones.

Terpinolene is a terpene commonly found throughout a wide variety of cannabis strains, also in tea trees, nutmeg, conifer trees, cumin, apples, and lilacs. This terpene stands out with its pine and floral aroma, having hints of herbal smells. Terpinolene is known to have antioxidant and relaxing properties.

Terpenes Are As Essential As Cannabinoids

It is true cannabinoids are the essential compounds found in the cannabis and hemp plant, though without terpenes, the cannabinoids won't be as effective and flavorful as they are with terpenes. CBD is a particular type of compound, which exists independently in the cannabis strain yet alongside terpenes. Terpenes promote specific aromas and flavors and do not contain CBD. Terpenes alter cannabinoid's interaction with receptors found throughout the body and brain, known as the endocannabinoid system. Our understanding of smell is connected to emotion and memory centers in the brain. The studies suggest that the scent of terpenes can affect our overall mood. Several terpenes combination creates a terpene profile of the cannabis strain, which provides unique aroma, taste, and benefits. CBD vape products are available in different terpene profiles, giving you an unforgettable vaping experience.

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