Magic Mushrooms - Safe Treatment For Depression
There are many hypotheses as to what 'magic mushrooms' are. There are multiple species of psychedelic mushrooms, and these different species can be found in different climates. There is just something growing everywhere, with different mushrooms containing different psychoactive substances. We all know now that the interest in these mushrooms has been more or less constant since human prehistory; it goes across continents. Simply put – people never cease to be interested in the experience of the world that mushrooms open up. So what do we know about them? We know that mushrooms are not only collected on meadows fertilized with cow dung but are found in many cultures all over the globe. In earlier years, people listed 'magic mushrooms' as poisonous and, more recently, listed them as hallucinogenic. Actually, the previous ones made it easier for people, nobody researched anything, and that was it. But as soon as it gets on paper, it is in the air; it is already known. So the word 'hallucinogenic' has become popular, but what does it actually mean? For many people, mushrooms have shown them far more real things than they may seem.
In the 21st century, people refer to mushrooms as something that can help them with depression, anxiety, and many more conditions. Colorado already has legalized psychedelic mushrooms, which will also be used for medical purposes. However, addictologists and psychologists warn that the use of psychedelics without professional supervision can cause serious problems. Nevertheless, there are specialists who can help users with microdosing mushrooms. In one research, which was conducted between 2019 and 2021, over 1400 respondents filled out an online questionnaire. According to the research, people most often use it for fun. But some think that it will help them to self-develop. However, the main investigator of the research warned that the use of psychedelics has its risks. Improper handling of these substances, for example, in an unsuitable environment, can cause a number of problems. That is why it is essential to begin using mushrooms in small amounts and within a longer period.Magic Mushrooms

How To Use Mushrooms?

Microdosing is the name for the technique of applying drugs in the testing phase. Small doses of the drug being tested are low enough not to cause significant problems but, on the other hand, high enough to trigger a response in the body. According to this reaction, it is then decided whether the drug has a future and advances to the next round or not. In this way, drugs that have no further vision in healthcare are eliminated, and at the same time, the use of techniques in which these drugs are applied to animals is reduced. But apart from this laudable goal, microdosing can hide something else. This term is also used when testing drugs and their effects on the human organism. Dosing takes place in the same way as in the case of drugs in small doses, which, however, are already proven in terms of effects. In short, the researchers believe that microdosing mushrooms may increase the brain's flexibility and receptivity to new thoughts and thought patterns. The researchers say that psilocybin can become a useful tool to increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy and ultimately alleviate previous symptoms. However, the accurate mechanisms are not fully understood yet because it is in the experimental stage. A research team in New York followed a landmark 2016 study of psilocybin and found that when combined with psychotherapy, emotional and existential distress improved in cancer patients.
Probably the most interesting is the one from scientists from Sydney, which was published in the journal. Their testing took place over six long months through online communication with 'microdosers'. Of these, 71% had a university degree. All were asked each day whether or not they had taken a dose and, if so, what substance they had taken. Testing took place at approximately one-tenth of the normal active dose. Subsequently, they had to rate their feelings and expressions on a five-point scale. The same assessment was then carried out approximately two days apart. In conclusion, magic mushrooms are considered a possible medicine for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and treatment-resistant depression (TRD). The research showed that in controlled grounds, 10mg (or 25mg) doses of psilocybin could be administered safely. Moreover, this kind of dosage shows promising results.Psilocybin For Depression

Psilocybin For Depression

The substance as such is little known, but the drug is often used in the form of various mushrooms. In this case, probably the most common representative is the bald eagle, followed by the speckled or scaled. The effects of these mushrooms have been monitored for a long time by research centers, and so far, it has been found that users report a reduction in depression and anxiety, an increase in a good mood, and significant spiritual experiences. This is why these mushrooms have been used during religious ceremonies for thousands of years. However, the substance itself was only extracted by scientists in the 1950s.
Research shows that bald eagles, even in an uncontrolled environment, help people improve their lives in various areas, even in the case of a challenging experience. Psilocybin can induce states of spiritual conversion, interpersonal intimacy, and psychological insight. Increasing research, however, constantly points to the safety and positive consequences of psilocybin, or psilocybin mushrooms.

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