Functional Mushrooms
Mushroom gummies have become a new type of nutritional supplement. They are chewable and delicious goods that contain vegan pectin, high-quality mushroom extract, and organic flavorings. Vegan pectin is used instead of gelatin because it is better for both - people and the environment.
Pectin is a well-known component in gummies because it separates the flavors and makes them more nutritious. Pectin also prevents gummies from sticking to each other, and they are more resistant to heat (especially in summer).
These products are an easy and delicious way to give your body the benefits of magic mushrooms. Usually, these functional gummies are gluten-free, 100% vegan, and come in various fruit flavors to make your consumption enjoyable.
You can get the most benefits from functional mushroom gummies if they contain adaptogenic mushrooms like Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Lion's Mane. By working together, these mushrooms can manage several problems at once - they can support the entire body and mind's homeostasis. Functional mushroom gummies can help you feel in balance all the time. No more mood swings, low energy levels, or out-of-focus states! You will feel relaxed and calm, preserving body energy and the focus of your mind.
Each mushroom has individual beneficial properties, and each mushroom extract delivers its unique benefits to support a person's overall mental and physical health.
For example, the Reishi mushroom extract can support stamina, stress, and energy response. On the other hand, Lion's Mane mushroom extract stimulates focus, mental clarity, and memory. In addition, the Turkey Tail mushroom extract will give your body cellular nutrients, which can stabilize your immune system and stomach health.Mushroom Gummies

The Therapeutic Benefits Of Mushrooms

As the research shows, the most popular psychedelics are magic mushrooms. Psychedelic, or more correctly, psychoactive mushrooms have been used for their hallucinogenic effects since time immemorial. They induce states described as "alterations of consciousness". After consuming them, strong experiences accompanied by visual images arise. We can imagine, for example, states of euphoria, visual and auditory hallucinations, or changes in the perception of space and time. They also increase heart rate and blood pressure and dilate the pupils of the eyes (a phenomenon known as mydriasis).
The advantage of hallucinogenic mushrooms is that they do not create physical or psychological dependence. However, if used incorrectly, these mushrooms can be dangerous. A person who has taken them can easily lose their orientation in space. Mushrooms also amplify the current state one is in. If you are in an uncomfortable environment or you are not in a good mood, you can use mushrooms to make your discomfort worse. The substances Psilocin and Psilocybin are responsible for psychoactive states. The first effects after ingestion of mushrooms appear after 15 to 60 minutes. You can expect peak experiences after one and a half to two hours, and they can last for two to seven hours.
Although mushrooms have been used for their hallucinogenic effects since ancient times, it was not until the middle of the 20th century that awareness of them became widespread in Europe. And that is because, with the rise of Christianity (which saw hallucinogens as a means of worshiping the devil rather than a means of connecting with the gods), psychedelic mushrooms almost disappeared from mainstream consciousness. Banker Robert Wesson brought them from Mexico, where bald eagles were widely used during shamanistic ceremonies. Nevertheless, Psychedelic mushrooms may have therapeutic effects. People who have tried them can, thanks to the strong experiences they induce, change or adjust their view of the world and life values. For example, they can help people suffering from a serious terminal illness overcome anxiety and depressive feelings by helping them see the world from a different perspective.Functional Mushroom Gummies.jpg

The History Of Magic Mushrooms

The first mentions of the use of psychoactive mushrooms date back to 6000 BC. from Africa, where wall paintings have been discovered depicting beings with clothes studded with geometric shapes, holding mushroom-like objects in their hands. Ancient civilizations—for example, the Aztecs in New Mexico—used their hallucinogenic effects in shamanic rituals. Thanks to mushrooms, the Aztecs got close to the gods and used them to treat diseases. Many stone mushroom figurines with human faces have been found in Central America. In Central and South America, there are temples of "mushroom gods" and stones carved in their shape from later times. The first written references include manuscripts and paintings by the Spanish colonizers of Mexico from the sixteenth century - they describe and depict sacred mushrooms used in rituals called teonanácatl. In 1956, Robert Wasson brought these mushrooms to Europe, and Albert Hofmann isolated the active substance - psilocybin. A period of several years of research into psychoactive effects followed until psilocybin was outlawed in 1968. Psilocybe (Psilocybe) is a genus of stem-spore mushrooms with a worldwide distribution. They are known mainly for their hallucinogenic effects; in slang, they are referred to as "mushrooms or magic mushrooms." It ranks among the so-called true hallucinogens. Hallucinogens significantly change the quality of consciousness, psyche, intensity, and depth of experience. They affect sensory perception, the experience of the surrounding reality and oneself.
Patients with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other health issues can have access to psilocybin treatment. Studies from recent years indicate that this substance could have a positive effect on overall wellness. The second US state where it is legal to consume psychedelic mushrooms is Colorado. This happened ten years after the legalization of the sale and use of cannabis. Supporters of the legalization of hallucinogenic mushrooms called the referendum's result a historic moment. 51% of people voted for the decriminalization of mushrooms in the country. In Colorado, however, unlike marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms will not be available for free sale. Instead, legalization will allow people over the age of 21 to grow and create state-regulated centers where people can consume psilocybin in a controlled manner. The use of psychedelic mushrooms is illegal under federal law. Hallucinogenic mushrooms have been illegal in the US since 1970, and in most states, psilocybin is classified similarly to heroin, for which there is currently no medical use.
Psilocybin is an alkaloid used as a recreational drug. It induces a feeling of euphoria and can distort the perception. In the world, this substance has been used for hundreds of years in various rituals.

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