Cannabis & Sport
Active people are undoubtedly familiar with the beneficial feeling of satisfaction after a workout. Let's compare this phenomenon, described as the "runner's high," to the effects of hash and marijuana. Both the athletes on the track and the hemp users benefit from the body's own systems, which are stimulated accordingly and develop the necessary balance for many important processes in the body. Our health and sense of happiness are directly related to this Endocannabinoid System. The name itself is immediately reminiscent of cannabinoids as ingredients from the hemp plant. So does exercise have a fundamentally similar effect to consuming cannabis? We constantly produce active substances in the organism, such as anandamide, and they interact with the same receptors as the THC in cannabis. Beyond such aspects, not only in sports but these processes in the body also show that smoking weed and marijuana can by no means be compared to the intake of drugs such as alcohol - cannabis is not a popular remedy worldwide for nothing. At the same time, schnapps and beer are unlikely to be prescribed by the doctor in practice are recommended. Exercise activates the Endocannabinoid System - just like hemp! We have to think of it like a data highway in the body, with countless receptors and really to be found everywhere from head to toe and from the brain to the eye's iris. When doing sports, the Endocannabinoid System is stimulated, and we feel exhausted even after the unit, but at the same time, motivated, happy, and satisfied.Runner's High & Cannabis
The so-called "runner's high" can be felt so intensively precisely because the training and the competitions put a strain on the whole body and, so to speak, give the metabolism a complete boost. Fears vanish, stress is significantly reduced, and the athletes sleep like babies later in the evening. Interestingly, cannabis and smoking weed have very similar effects. The users use hemp as a mood enhancer, for sleeping, against pain and mental overload. Scientists have shown that the same processes around the Endocannabinoid System are involved. Of course, no one gets top fit just from a joint with THC like the daily active runner, swimmer, or cyclist gets, but the systems are pleasantly stimulated and relieve stress and anxiety, for example, that takes the cannabinoids in a very similar way to through sports.

Which Cannabinoids Are Especially Active?

The anandamides mentioned above dock to the same CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system as the intoxicating Delta 9 THC from the hemp plant. However, the situation is different with the very popular because of non-psychoactive CBD as an active ingredient, also from cannabis. Such cannabidiol also interacts with CB2 receptors in the body, which also has a beneficial effect and relieves pain, inflammation, and tension for many people. Here the athletes see more of a comparison between aerobics and gymnastics. In addition, CBD apparently helps keep the oxygen level robust during training, and some experts recommend taking these cannabinoids before the sporting session.

Cannabis Consumption: Smoking Cannabis Is Popular

Marijuana, cannabis, or simply just the flowers of hemp are still the most popular products online and in local specialty shops, even in modern countries with legalization that has already taken place. As the new study that was released on cannabis use suggests, it blooms in the USA and Canada. Despite innovative cannabis extracts, drinks, and sweets, consumers and patients are still keen on the THC classics. For two years, the researchers looked closely at consumer behavior, user preferences, and the changing potency and strength of hemp products overseas. The customer is a ruler when it comes to the release of cannabis too, and with joint and bong in their hand, they love glistening trichomes and aromatic cannabis buds to smoke and vaporize. Experienced users were surveyed as well. The scientists looked at the legal states of the USA and Canada and, for comparison purposes, at those states of America that have not yet managed to legalize the popular cannabinoids. Nine different types of hemp products were surveyed, including cannabis oil, marijuana and flower, THC concentrates, and edibles. They also wanted to know whether people mix cannabis with tobacco when they smoke and compare this data with the general demographic development. Then come the tinctures, the oil with THC, and the cartridges or liquids for practical vaping (vaporizing hemp). According to the study, men are increasingly into processed marijuana and cannabis drinks, for example. The popularity of cannabis in previous studies has now been confirmed for 2022, especially in areas where people can legally buy cannabis and enjoy modern drug policies.

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