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Utoya | Tango THC-P Moon Rocks 3.5g - 7g

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Tango THC-P Moon Rocks By Utoya

Embark on a distinctive and potent smoking adventure with Tango THC-P Moon Rocks By Utoya. These meticulously crafted moon rocks blend the robust flavor of cherry diesel with the heightened effects of THC-P, HHC, and Delta 8 THC, all enveloped in an exceptionally thick layer of CBD kief, ensuring an unparalleled smoking encounter. Crafted with precision, these moon rocks undergo rigorous testing to guarantee their purity and potency, using only the finest ingredients. Whether you seek a unique twist in your smoking routine or simply crave a novel experience, Cherry Diesel Moon Rocks in the Tango Blend is an ideal choice. The Tango Blend features HHC, THC-P, and Delta 8 THC, creating a well-balanced base with a solid body buzz from HHC, lighter euphoric notes from Delta 8 THC, and enhanced effects prolonged by THC-P. With thick layers of CBG kief and ample distillate, it promises a truly exceptional smoking journey.
Cherry Diesel Hybrid is celebrated for its delightful cherry aroma and invigorating effects. Its dense buds, adorned with shades of green and hints of purple and orange, add to its visual allure. Recognized for its energizing qualities, this strain is an ideal choice for those seeking a burst of creative inspiration during the day. With elevated levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, it has gained popularity among hemp enthusiasts. The unique cherry and diesel flavor profile guarantees a satisfying experience for your taste buds, while the abundant cannabinoids deliver a potent and relaxing effect. If you're on the lookout for a flavorful and energizing hemp strain, Cherry Diesel stands as an excellent choice for your consideration.

Container Unit: 3.5g, 7g
Extract Type: THC-P, HHC, Delta 8
Strain: Cherry Diesel Hybrid
Product Facts: CBD kief, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

User experience is at the forefront of Utoya's design philosophy. The products are incredibly user-friendly, catering to both novices and seasoned vaping enthusiasts. The sleek, compact design of their devices embodies discretion and portability, allowing users to enjoy their product without drawing unwanted attention. Moreover, the inhalation method ensures that the effects are felt quickly, making these vapes ideal for those seeking immediate relief or a moment of relaxation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jean Olson

I am a hemp smoker, I have been smoking for 15 years. I have just recently been trying this product.I never thought I would find the right CBD flower but I did.thank you Utoya it's the right choice

Walton S.

Really good flavor, burns nicely and helps with a good relaxation in the evenings.highly recommended.after hard work i have a relax with Tango Thc p Moon Rocks

P. J.

Loved this strain. Very good for the rest and the taste was lovely.i'll buy next time more,reccomend.

Holloway Roland

Good flower, especially at this price point.and decent taste.smells Great, Looks Great an overall amazing product!!! Thank you Utoya for this product.

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