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Urb Smart Device THCA-P Disposable - 6g

Strain: Watermelon Mojito - Indica
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Smart Device THCA-P Disposable By Urb

Introducing Urb's the biggest disposable vape yet - the Smart Device THCA-P Disposable By Urb. Packed with ultra-pure distillate, Delta 8 THC, THCP, and THCA Diamonds enhanced with High Terpene Live Resin Extract and True Terpenes.
Watermelon Mojito Indica: This strain evokes the essence of ripe watermelon, lime, simple syrup, and refreshing sweet mint. Watermelon Mojito is an excellent option for indica enthusiasts seeking relaxation after a long, stressful day. Its sweet, fruity melon candy flavor is accompanied by subtle notes of sugary sour citrus. From start to finish, you'll feel euphoric yet calm, without any mental discomfort.
Dirty Spryt Hybrid: The strong skunky scent blends effortlessly with the sweet grape allure and zesty grapefruit aroma in Dirty Spryt. This strain offers a sweet and sour lemon-lime flavor with a spicy finish, akin to your favorite beverage. Its effects are equally enjoyable, delivering soothing full-bodied sensations that stimulate the mind while relaxing the body. From beginning to end, you'll experience a lifted sensation of euphoria and unfocused happiness, accompanied by a touch of creative inspiration.
Cherry Sherbet Indica: Subtle floral tones blend with gentle sweetness, accompanied by hints of violets and natural sweetness. The high leans heavily towards indica, offering a bit of energy but overall a deeply relaxed sensation. It begins with an uplifting head high that induces happiness and a slight boost in energy, yet leaves you feeling hazy and somewhat sleepy. Cherry Sherbet boasts an intensely flavorful profile with notes of sweet berries and tangy tropical fruits, complemented by creamy earthiness and a hint of cherry zest.
Gas Berry Hybrid: Can we describe this strain as pure dynamite? Lemon, blueberry, and pine flavors mingle with hints of diesel and musky undertones, creating a well-rounded profile. The high is equally delightful, delivering a warm and soothing euphoria that ignites the mind while offering a tranquil physical relaxation. From start to finish, you'll experience happiness and upliftment, liberated from any negativity, and completely relaxed from head to toe.
Blue Watermelon Indica: Embark on a euphoric voyage defined by a harmonious fusion of tropical fruitiness and gentle grape undertones, promising a uniquely gratifying and flavorful journey. The high is equally delightful, boasting a soothing and joyous overtone that prompts laughter at every turn. You'll feel uplifted with a tranquil sense that eases the mind, encouraging easy conversation and laughter with those nearby. A soothing body relaxation accompanies this cerebral boost, gently guiding you towards restful sleep.
Ekto Kooler Sativa: A burst of juicy citrus, accompanied by traces of diesel and pine, offers a refreshing flavor profile perfect for a midday getaway. The high begins with an energizing lift that fills your mind with positivity, plunging you into a joyful state of euphoria. Experience a surge of creative inspiration and enhanced focus, making this bud ideal for productivity. Ekto Kooler boasts a super sweet citrusy pine flavor, with a hint of sharp chemicals on the exhale.

Container Unit: 6g
Extract Type: Delta 8, THCA, THCP 
Strains: Watermelon Mojito Indica, Dirty Spryt Hybrid, Cherry Sherbet Indica, Gas Berry Hybrid, Blue Watermelon Indica, Ekto Kooler Sativa 
Product Facts: High Terpene extract, Pre-heat function, Live Resin, THCA Diamonds, Dual Coil, Variable Voltage, Premium product, Derived from hemp with less than 0.3% of THC, Third-party lab-tested

Urb, a flagship label of Lifted Made, offers hemp-infused products with quick absorption rates. Their range includes high-quality vapes, gummies, flowers, and more. Urb exclusively uses natural hemp grown by American farmers who crossbreed different strains to provide a unique experience.

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