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Status Vaporizer By The Kind Pen

This dry herb vaporizer comes with a free aluminum grinder, a lifetime warranty, and full temperature controls. Status Vaporizer By The Kind Pen has a memory feature, which allows it to remember your last temperature setting that ranges between 350 - 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The battery of the Status Vaporizer can last for 3 to 4 hours of constant use.

Color: Black
Battery Life: 3 - 4 Hours, 5 Minute Shutoff – Safety Feature
Product Facts: Free Bi-level aluminum grinder included, Digital portable vaporizer, Zero combustion, Digital OLED display, Ceramic chamber - 0.5 gram capacity, 350 - 430 degree temp control, 5 Clicks On/Off – safety feature, Smart memory – remembers your last temp setting, Universal micro USB charging port, Black matte finish

The Kind Pen offers one of the best vape pens for hemp, CBD, and other vape products. Based in New Jersey and led by a group of kind and visionary people with creative ideas, this brand has become one of the leading in the vape device industry. With The Kind Pen vaporizers, you can enjoy the well-balanced effects of hemp.