OG Labs | Pink Lemonade CBD Pod 500mg - 4 Pods Per Pack

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Pink Lemonade CBD Pod By OG Labs

With these vape pods, you can enjoy pure organic CBD's benefits and awaken the memories of sweet summer days. Pink Lemonade CBD pod by OG Labs tastes just like a cold refreshing summertime drink. These high-quality CBD vape pods are compatible with popular Juul vape device and can give you truly new vaping experience.

CBD Strength: 500mg of CBD in Single Pack (125mg Per Pod)
Container Unit: 1mL in Each Pod, Single Pack - 4 Pods, 3 Pack - 12 Pods, 10 Pack - 40 Pods
Extract Type: Isolate
Product Facts: 100% THC free, Non-GMO, No nicotine
Suggested Use: Compatible with Juul device

Juul vape devices are the most popular vape devices in the market nowadays. That is why OG Labs have created CBD infused vape pods to satisfy all your needs. Vaping is known to be the quickest way to consume CBD. It immediately goes to the lunges and into the bloodstream and impacts our endocannabinoid system.