Mellow Fellow | Sour Watermelon CBN + Delta 10 + Delta 9 Gummies - 600mg

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Sour Watermelon CBN + Delta 10 + Delta 9 Gummies By Mellow Fellow

Enjoy your daily Delta 10 THC consumption in the most delicious way possible with these watermelon-flavored top-shelf gummies. Sour Watermelon CBN + Delta 10 + Delta 9 Gummies By Mellow Fellow deliver perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavors that provide the beneficial properties of various hemp extracts.

Total Strength: 600mg, 30mg Per Gummy
Delta 10 Strength: 360mg, 18mg Per Gummy
Delta 9 Strength: 180mg, 9mg Per Gummy
CBN Strength: 60mg, 3mg Per Gummy
Container Unit: 20 Gummies
Extract Type: Delta 10, Delta 9, Full Spectrum
Product Facts: Premium Delta 10 & Delta 9 extracts, Derived from hemp, Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested
Suggested Use: Consume one or two gummies every 4 to 6 hours.

This premium quality brand has been developing the most incredible formulas for hemp products for nearly decades. But the hard work has paid off! Now Mellow Fellow is one of the premium and most trusted brands in the hemp market. The company provides up-to-date laboratory test reports, which shows that it is reliable and trustworthy.

Customer Reviews

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Alex M

I have tried a lot of different brands of Delta 9 Gummies, including Mellow Fellow and I like the Mellow Fellow better because it is stronger and lasts longer (I suffer from chronic pain so this is very important to me).


I've tried many other brands of delta 9 gummies and this is by far my favorite. For the best experience, I recommend taking Mellow Fellow with a little bit of food in your stomach. It doesn't take much to feel the effects and it really does make a difference. The quality is top notch and well worth it!

Danni Merritt

I was looking for a health supplement that would contain only natural ingredients, and Mellow Fellow's gummies did not disappoint. All the flavors are delicious, although I am partial to the watermelon. It also helps that these gummies will not make you "high" like other edibles out there. I highly recommend!

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