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Maui Labs | Face Melters Live Resin Delta 9 + CBD Gummies - 200mg

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Flavor: Watermelon Zkittlez - Indica
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Face Melters Live Resin Delta 9 + CBD Gummies By Maui Labs

Five delicious flavors and the potency of Delta 9 THC are packed in these gummies to bring you joy and happiness. Face Melters Live Resin Delta 9 + CBD Gummies By Maui Labs will provide your body with the beneficial properties of natural hemp, leaving your tastebuds yearning for more. Each bag has a strain-specific terpene profile and gives you the synergistic benefit of a cannabinoid blend. These bags of gummies contain the 1:1 ratio of Delta 9 and CBD, which will relax your body and uplift your mood.
Watermelon Zkittlez Indica has a sweet watermelon flavor with rich citrusy-earthy pungent hints that turn herby and heavily sour overtones.
Apple Fritter Indica gives you a sugary sweet fruity apple flavor with slight vanilla notes - just like a tasty and freshly baked apple fritter.
Cherry Lemonade Diesel Sativa - delivers a sweet cherry and berry flavor with a sour diesel aftertaste.
Blue Dream Sativa packs the sweet fruity blueberry flavor with notes of vanilla and herbs.
Grape Ape Indica has the sweet deliciousness of fruity grapes with a lightly spice-earthy taste.

Delta 9 Strength: 100mg
CBD Strength: 100mg
Container Unit: One 12inch Long Gummy (About 30cm)
Flavors: Watermelon Zkittlez Indica, Apple Fritter Indica, Cherry Lemonade Diesel Sativa, Blue Dream Sativa, Grape Ape Indica
Extract Type: Delta 9, Full Spectrum
Product Facts: Premium Delta 9 THC, Strain specific terpenes, Potent formulation, Organic fruit flavoring, Derived from organic hemp, Less than 0.3% of THC, Third-party laboratory-tested
Made in the USA

This brand is determined to produce the purest hemp-based products on the market. Maui Labs employs USA-grown hemp plants to manufacture its hemp goods, free of harsh chemicals, artificial flavors, or additives. These pure and safe products offer relaxation, stress, and pain relief whenever you want.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Maddox Marshall

I have tried every type of gummy on the market and they all taste awful. Maui Labs are the best, hands down. With these flavors you'll never want to go back to those other brands. They're so delicious and much healthier than other options.

Brett Watson

I rave about Maui Labs to all my friends. I've been taking their products for some time now and they always help me when I'm feeling down. The only downside is that their prices are a little high, but it's worth it for the quality of the product.

Jude Lee

I was so sick of all the other weed gummies that are out there. With Maui Labs, I knew I was going to get the best product every time. It's also way easier to use--the size of a standard candy, and you don't have to worry about getting your hands sticky. Highly recommend!

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