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Happi | THC-M + THC-P + THC-H Cartridge - 2g

Strain: Ghost OG - Hybrid
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THC-M + THC-P + THC-H Cartridge By Happi

Experience an unparalleled and exhilarating high with the powerful 2g THC-M + THC-P + THC-H Cartridge By Happi. Brace yourself for a flavor explosion as the blend of THC-M, THC-P, and THC-H delivers a punch of potency and exceptional taste.
Ghost OG Hybrid: Immerse yourself in the pleasant and robust aroma of Ghost OG, featuring hints of lemon and citrus. The taste is a delightful fusion of Kush, lime, and sweet flavors. This marijuana strain provides an instant and strong buzz that takes hold of your senses. Ghost OG has positive effects on the body, calming the nerves and instilling feelings of happiness and cheerfulness. It also tends to stimulate appetite, making it ideal for those looking to satisfy their cravings. This strain is excellent for alleviating anxiety, stress, and depression, providing immediate relief.
Bonkers Hybrid: True to its name, Bonkers offers a head-spinning high and an impressive level of potency, making it a perfect choice for hybrid enthusiasts. The high hits you rapidly and intensively, lifting your mind to a state of euphoria. Negative or racing thoughts quickly dissipate, replaced by a blissful haze. As the cerebral state reaches its peak of happiness, a relaxing body high gradually spreads through your limbs, leading you to a lightly couch-locked state of relaxation.
Area 51 Hybrid: Prepare to be amazed by the power of Area 51 as its high swiftly engulfs your mind and body. Within minutes of consumption, you'll experience uplifting effects that leave you pain-free and feeling as if you're walking on air. Accompanying this state of bliss are feelings of motivation and creative inspiration, providing the energy you need to conquer outdoor adventures or handle daily tasks with ease. As the high levels out, a soothing and relaxing effect washes over the body, inducing a calm state with a touch of laziness. These full-bodied effects make Area 51 an extraordinary choice for treating cramps, pain, inflammation, as well as chronic stress or anxiety.
Alaska Thunder Funk Sativa: Prepare to be captivated by the unique combination of catpiss and strong skunk aromas in Alaska Thunder Funk. The distinct diesel scent cannot be ignored. When smoked, this strain offers an unparalleled experience. It boasts a potent flavor profile of banana and orange, leaving a spicy aftertaste that lingers for hours. Renowned for its immediate high, Alaska Thunder Funk enhances sociability and creativity, making you feel more talkative and inspired.
Embark on an extraordinary journey of wild highs and sensational flavors with the THC-M + THC-P + THC-H Cartridge By Happi. Unleash the full potential of your cannabis experience.

Container Unit: 2g
Extract Type: THC-M, THC-P, THC-H
Strains: Ghost OG Hybrid, Bonkers Hybrid, Area 51 Hybrid, Alaska Thunder Funk Sativa
Product Facts: Contains THC-P & THC-H, Premium hemp-derived distillate, Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

Happi is positioned as an industry leader in hemp-derived products, driven by an unwavering dedication to delivering safe, legal, and responsible options to the cannabis market. The diligent team at Happi has invested significant time and effort to ensure strict adherence to federal and state regulations, providing customers with unparalleled access to the highest-quality cannabis products on the market.

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