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Happi | Disposable Delta 9 + Delta 8 THC - 2g

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Strain: Blue Dreams - Sativa
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Delta 9 + Delta 8 THC Disposable By Happi

Take your vaping experience to another level with this premium disposable vape pen made of natural hemp. Delta 9 + Delta 8 THC Disposable By Happi disposables can give you exceptionally unique effects because it contains high-quality hemp-derived extracts and natural terpenes. Simply try and see it for yourself.
Blue Dreams Sativa is formulated by crossing Blueberry with Haze, which can deliver a powerful jolt of energy, boost your creativity, and make you happy. This vape pen is full of mouthwatering flavors like sweet blueberry, berry, and vanilla that will surely make your vaping experience more pleasant.
Strawberry Smiles Hybrid can put a smile on your face whether you are in a happy mood or not. This fabulous strain can almost instantly uplift your mood and push away those negative and sticky thoughts. This disposable can be exactly what you need right here and right now. So keep it in your pocket to enjoy the deliciously sweet strawberry flavor with notes of cherry and berry whenever you want.
Snow Cone Nice Sativa is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that you must take with you if you are preparing to go to a party or other social gathering. This delicious strain can uplift your spirit, making you courageous and ready to seize the night. Snow Cone Nice Sativa delivers sweet strawberry and berry flavors with a faint sour taste.
Ice Cream Cake Indica can bring your body the ultimate relaxation, leading you to a peaceful sleep. This lovely strain is made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato 33, which has a sweet, nutty, creamy flavor and cheesy undertones.
Sour Diesel Delight Sativa will provide you with only positive feelings. You will become motivated, energized, and ready to create something beautiful. This strain can give you a cerebral boost, contributing to optimism and cheerful behavior. Enjoy your life with this strain that delivers sour citrus flavor and diesel-skunk notes.
Banana Runtz Hybrid is an evenly balanced strain - the lovely crossbreed of Zkittlez and Gelato. The strong banana flavor and the spice-candy aftertaste make this strain truly enjoyable. Banana Runtz can brighten your mood and help you with pain, stress, and muscle spasm.
Orange Jubilee Sativa delivers the mouthwatering goodness of tropical fruits with intense citrus orange notes and subtle sour hints. This energizing and uplifting strain can make your daytime activities full of fun and fabulous sensations.
Apple Fritter Hybrid crosses the lovely Animal Cookies with Sour Apple, which can nearly immediately push away negative thoughts and uplift your mood. This strain brings unique complex effects together, which include relaxation, tingly euphoria, happiness, and an increase in appetite. This strain tastes just like a yummy, freshly baked apple fritter with notes of vanilla and herbs.

Happi Delta 9  Disposable

Container Unit: 2g
Extract Type: Delta 8, Delta 9 THC
Strains: Blue Dreams Sativa, Strawberry Smiles Hybrid, Snow Cone Nice Sativa, Ice Cream Cake Indica, Sour Diesel Delight Sativa, Banana Runtz Hybrid, Orange Jubilee Sativa, Apple Fritter Hybrid
Product Facts: Rechargeable device, Premium hemp-derived distillate, Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

The best brands on the hemp market are associated with premium quality and purity. Happi hemp is one of the leading brands producing the best hemp-infused goods. This brand offers hemp lovers various cannabinoid-infused products, including THC-X, PHC, HHC, Delta 10, and more. Happi brand offers products that have been tested in third-party laboratories for quality assurance.

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