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CBG Hemp Flower By Free The Leaf

Many manufacturers work with farmers who employ selective breeding to get more CBG rich hemp strains. Recent studies have shown that CBG is the ancestor to other cannabinoids and even more beneficial than CBD. This compound can give you a new way to relax and find your balance. CBG Hemp Flower by Free The Leaf is enriched with CBG and contains a minimum of 17% of CBG alongside other cannabinoids and hemp plant terpenes.

CBG Type: Flower
Total CBG: 17.1%
Container Unit: 3.5g
Strain Profile: CBG-rich strain, Milky white trichomes (Piney)
Product Facts: Less than 0.3% THC, Purity tested, No metals or pesticides

Free The Leaf pays a lot of attention to get pure CBD products and succeeds from planting the seeds to manufacturing. The company offers many kinds of CBD products to customers' choices. Whether you prefer to get your daily dosage of CBD by chewing delicious CBD gummies or CBD vape cartridges with multiple flavors, Free The Leaf can help you with your choice.

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