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Exodus | Live Resin THC-A + HXY 9 THC + Delta 8 Disposable - 5g

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Strain: Blue Steel - Hybrid
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Live Resin THC-A + HXY9 THC + Delta 8 Disposable By Exodus

Experience the highest quality and most potent hemp goods with this Live Resin THC-A + HXY9 THC + Delta 8 Disposable. Pure and potent, it's designed for the discerning consumer looking for a superior product. Take advantage of its breath-activating technology for a more intense hit and a longer-lasting, full-bodied flavor. With industrial hemp as its base, you can trust this product to deliver reliable results, making it perfect for anyone who wants to benefit from hemp's unique properties without having to worry about quality issues. Enjoy the ultimate hemp experience with this premium disposable!
Blue Steel Hybrid - feel relaxed and content with this strain. With its gentle, soothing effects, it's perfect for winding down after a long day. Enjoy sweet blueberry and berry flavors with this product.
White Gummy Hybrid - treat yourself to an indulgent experience with this White Gummy Hybrid strain! Its delicious flavor will leave you feeling relaxed and help you unwind after a hard day. Enjoy the unique taste and get the calming effects you've been looking for.
Dabbalicious Hybrid is a strain that packs powerful and potent effects alongside amazing flavor. Experience the power of this wonderful hybrid strain, and enjoy its unique flavor with every puff.
24K Sativa will make you feel revitalized and inspired! Experience a natural and uplifting boost of energy with 24K strain.
Apple Fritter Hybrid strain conveys an intense aroma and flavor with perfect balance and effects. This strain is a popular choice for a wide range of consumers due to its balanced profile of Indica and Sativa features.
Purple Urkle Indica is a perfect ideal strain for those seeking peace and relaxation. Its soothing effects are known to bring calmness and quiet, helping you to be in a relaxed state.

Orange Cake Indica: Given its incredibly tasty flavor, Orange Kush Cake stands out as the ideal strain for sativa enthusiasts seeking a potent wake-and-bake experience. This vape pen delights the taste buds with a sweet yet sour citrus candy flavor, complemented by a lightly nutty and woody exhale reminiscent of a fresh slice of orange cake. The effects are vibrant and invigorating, featuring an energizing overtone that fills you with a sense of purpose and motivation.
Black Cherry Hybrid: Born from the fusion of Acai and Black Cherry Funk, this hybrid masterpiece harmoniously combines the luscious flavors of its parent strains. Rooted in an Indica-dominant lineage, Black Cherry Gelato induces tingling sensations throughout the body, promoting a sense of calm, relaxation, and eventual sleepiness. Particularly effective for alleviating pain, stress, muscle cramps, and insomnia, this strain envelops your senses in a delightful fruity berry flavor profile, adorned with alluring notes of sweet cherry and slunk. Launch on a journey into the enchanting realm of Black Cherry Gelato, a strain tailored for those seeking generous buds without breaking the bank.
Strawberry Amnesia Sativa: Indulge in the luscious experience of a freshly picked, ripe, and sweet strawberry flavor with every draw from this premium vape pen. Not only does it promise to elevate your mood and provide an energy boost, but Strawberry Amnesia is also known for imparting cerebral clarity, enhancing focus, and fostering creativity. Enjoy the delightful taste while experiencing a heightened state of well-being and mental acuity.

Container Unit: 5g
Extract Type: THC-A, HXY9 THC, Delta 8, Live Resin
Strains: Blue Steel Hybrid, White Gummy Hybrid, Dabbalicious Hybrid, 24K Sativa, Apple Fritter Hybrid, Purple Urkle Indica, Strawberry Amnesia Sativa, Black Cherry Hybrid, Orange Cake Indica
Product Facts: Live Resin, Rechargeable device, Premium hemp-derived distillate, Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

The Exodus brand provides premium hemp goods for everyday needs. The products offer high-quality and natural alternatives, so you can enjoy sustainable and healthy living. With the hemp-based items by Exodus, you can experience an eco-friendly lifestyle with peace of mind. Exodus is a premium brand you can trust, which high-quality components guarantee pure results with no unwanted surprises.

Customer Reviews

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Bryan P
Top notch puffer in product size and quality.

Small and easy to carry and use in public. Stores quickly and doesn’t look like what it is as some do ( I prefer stealth products in public). I still haven’t finished one of the puffers I bought and have used it every day for a week ! Exodus is now in my top three of products of this type. Great!

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