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Exodus Lil Shawty’s THCA Pre Rolls 7ct - 0.7g

Strain: Sour Berry - Hybrid
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Exodus Lil Shawty’s THCA Pre Rolls

Delight in the rich aroma of high-quality hemp flower with Exodus Lil Shawty’s THCA Pre Rolls, meticulously filled with 0.7 grams of top-tier THC-A flower. Revel in the perfect blend of convenience and excellence with every use! Lil Shawties pre-rolls bring hassle-free delight, meticulously packed with 0.7 grams of your chosen THC-A Flower. These expertly crafted pre-rolls ensure a convenient and consistently flavorful experience, eliminating the need for rolling your own.
Sour Berry Hybrid: Renowned for its exceptional flavor, Sour Berry doesn't disappoint in appearance either! Its taste resembles a sweet candy, featuring a super sour berry essence with a zesty grape exhale that gains sweetness with each inhalation. The buds of Sour Berry showcase tight, round teal nugs adorned with vibrant and densely furry orange hairs, complemented by a layer of bright amber crystal trichomes that embellish each intricately twisted leaf. The Sour Berry high offers a potent and uplifting adventure, making it a choice not recommended for the average user due to its high average THC level ranging from 24-25%.
Sour Apple Sativa: Consumers characterize the Sour Apple high as a gradually intensifying, uplifting head high that instills motivation and focus, accompanied by a profound sense of euphoria and increased sociability. This potent bud features a reasonable THC level averaging between 14-17% and delivers a balanced combination of both indica and sativa effects. Sour Apple is known for its notorious taste of pungent sour apple, which sweetens upon exhale, and an aroma reminiscent of a decaying sour apple.
Panama Red Sativa: This strain is a genuine throwback! Its aroma and taste are robust, featuring pungent, earthy, and woody notes. The effects bring about a notably cerebral high accompanied by feelings of relaxation, euphoria, happiness, and increased sociability.
Orange Kush Hybrid: Featuring a tangy and citrusy flavor, with a sweet aroma carrying strong notes of orange, this strain is renowned for its potency, boasting THC levels that can surpass 22%, ranking it among the most robust strains available. The effects unmistakably reveal its indica characteristics, inducing sleepiness, euphoria, profound physical relaxation, and an overall sense of happiness. Recognized as a beneficial remedy for seizure disorders and other conditions that respond well to CBD, Orange Kush stands out for its therapeutic potential.
Purple Urkle Indica: This is considered to be a variant of Granddaddy Purple. It presents a flavor profile reminiscent of grapes and sweet berries. Users have noted that the indica effects of this strain induce deep relaxation and a strong inclination towards sleep. The robust physical buzz provided by this strain is reported to alleviate symptoms such as muscle spasms, anxiety, and nausea.

Container Unit: 7ct - 0.7g Per Pre Roll
Extract Type: THCA
Strains: Sour Berry Hybrid, Sour Apple Sativa, Panama Red Sativa, Orange Kush Hybrid, Purple Urkle Indica
Product Facts: Natural Hemp, Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

Experience the premium quality of Exodus Brand hemp goods from Buy CBD Hub! Our hemp goods are designed with your satisfaction in mind and are perfect for those looking for a natural, sustainable way to enhance their well-being. Shop Exodus for an unbeatable selection of products that are sure to meet all your needs. Enjoy the benefits of hemp goods today!

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