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Delta Extrax | THC-P+ Liquid Badder Disposable - 3.5g

Strain: Star Dust OG - Indica
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THC-P+ Liquid Badder Disposable By Delta Extrax

Introducing a groundbreaking Liquid Badder, an exceptionally smooth and creamy concentrate with the ease of cake batter. Delta Extrax has innovatively infused THC-P+ for heightened euphoria, presenting it in a convenient 3.5g pre-heat device for a consistently perfect hit. Prepare for an unparalleled combination of flavor and potency. The THC-P+ Liquid Badder Disposable By Delta Extrax boasts a potent blend of THC-P and Delta 8, ensuring an optimal user experience. Each disposable, rechargeable device features a 3.5g capacity. Crafted from an extraction of frozen fresh flowers and whipped into badder-like distillate, the Liquid Badder offers superior flavor and potency. Users have reported an extra euphoric dimension from the enhanced THC-P. With a pre-heat function, this 3.5g device eliminates worries about clogging.
Star Dust OG Indica: If you're in search of a profoundly invigorating yet calming high that uplifts your mood before gently lulling you to sleep, Star Dust OG is tailor-made for you. It delivers a robust high, propelling your spirits into a realm of sweet euphoria while coaxing your body into a state of serene calm and ease. From the onset, you'll experience a gentle, stimulating tingle that initiates in the spine and the back of the neck, gradually spreading throughout your entire body. This soothing sensation instills relaxation in both mind and body, leading to a deep and tranquil sedation. Star Dust OG features a spicy and floral flavor profile with a sweet and fruity exhale.
Dosi Killer Hybrid: For enthusiasts of hybrid strains, this delectable product is sure to captivate your senses. Its effects, inducing relaxation and happiness, swiftly take hold just minutes after your last exhale. A gentle tingling sensation permeates your entire body, instilling a profound sense of relaxation and calmness, rendering you completely pain-free and blissful from head to toe. Dosi Killer boasts a spicy and nutty herbal flavor, complemented by a sharp mint kick upon exhale.
Alaskan Thunder F*ck Sativa has the power to transform a low mood into a happy one, providing feelings of arousal, euphoria, and energy. Known for its potency, this strain can offer relief from insomnia, headaches, pain, and various other conditions. It features a delightful blend of sweet grape and sour citrus with underlying spicy pine undertones.

Container Unit: 3.5g
Extract Type: THC-P, Delta 8 THC
Strains: Star Dust OG Indica, Alaskan Thunder F*ck Sativa, Dosi Killer Hybrid
Product Facts: Contains Terpenes & Delta 8 THC Liquid Badder, Pre-heat. USB-C Port, Rechargeable, Derived from hemp with less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

Delta Extrax provides the highest quality hemp-infused products to the market and stays transparent! Earlier, this company was known under Delta Effex, and many people were familiar with its high-quality products. Yet nothing has changed. The brand tests its products in specialized laboratories for quality assurance.

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