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Delta Extrax | Live Resin THC-M + THC-P Blackcraft Gummies - 4000mg

Flavor: Scary Cherry
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Live Resin THC-M + THC-P Blackcraft Gummies By Delta Extrax

Step into the enchanting realm of Delta Extrax Blackcraft Gummies, where pure delight awaits! Elevate your treat experience with the future of delightful confections. Bid farewell to ordinary candies and immerse yourself in a world of flavors tailored to your desires. Live Resin THC-M + THC-P Blackcraft Gummies By Delta Extrax boast an extraordinary blend of Live Resin HXY9-THC, THC-P, THC-M, and HXY10-THC, ensuring an exceptional experience for all. Packed with a generous 4000mg of pure enjoyment per jar, you'll have an abundance of goodness to relish.
Each gummy contains 200mg, guaranteeing a sensational and uplifting experience. Delta Extrax Blackcraft Gummies cater to those who seek quality and variety in their treats, whether newcomers or experienced enthusiasts. It's advisable to start with just one gummy to gauge your individual tolerance, as each packs a potent punch. Don't hesitate—embrace the innovation, convenience, and sheer pleasure these gummies bring. Indulge in an array of flavors that cater to all your desires.
Experience a burst of tangy delight with Blood Orange, delivering a citrusy twist that will leave you yearning for more.
Indulge in the spooktacular flavors of Scary Cherry, a remarkable blend of berries that will leave you in awe.
Embark on a hauntingly delicious journey with Haunted Berry, a tantalizing fusion of berries that will captivate your taste buds.
Brimming with succulent blackberries, Blackberry Widow is a flavorful delight.
Experience the crunchy sourness of green apples with Supernatural Sour Apple, a treat that will tantalize your taste buds.
Indulge in the sweet summer vibes and refreshing essence of watermelon juice with Wicked Watermelon.

Total Strength: 4000mg, 200mg Per Piece
Container Unit: 20ct
Extract Type: THC-M, THC-P, HXY9-THC, HXY10-THC
Flavors: Scary Cherry, Supernatural Sour Apple, Blood Orange, Wicked Watermelon, Haunted Berry, Blackberry Widow
Product Facts: Live Resin, Vegan, Derived from hemp with less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

Delta Extrax is one of the leading brands on the market. Previously known as Delta Effex, this brand belongs to the famous Savage Enterprise. And now, with Delta Extrax, you can try various hemp-derived products that truly have the highest quality on the hemp market. Try Delta Extrax and find out for yourself!

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