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Delta Extrax | Diamond Heights THCA Flower - 7g

Strain: Gush Mints - Indica
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Diamond Heights THCA Flower By Delta Extrax

Introducing the Diamond Heights THCA Flower By Delta Extrax, a groundbreaking product line that sets a new standard for premium hemp flower! This highly potent THCA flower is cultivated with precision to elevate your experience to unprecedented heights. Unlock the pinnacle of potency with Diamond Heights' carefully crafted strains, each tailored for the purest and richest taste. By saying - High Potency - it means this termin truly defines the quality of this THCA flower. Grown, not sprayed, with flavor-packed terpenes, this premium flower ensures a rich taste without compromising the quality of cannabinoids. This results in a genuinely better-tasting and highly satisfying product. Diamond Heights prioritizes superior quality and flavor-packed terpenes, delivering a genuine, top-notch experience. This premium-grade hemp flower undergoes meticulous cultivation, grown indoors, and features pure THC-A for authentic potency. It represents the epitome of quality from Delta Extrax, making it the best flower you've seen from them, hands down! Crafted for superior function and incredible taste, Diamond Heights is a testament to excellence.
Gush Mints Indica: For those seeking a fantastic flavor coupled with a soothing, nighttime high, Gush Mints emerges as the ideal indica. Infused with a spicy peppermint and a nutty aroma, Gush Mints promises a sensory delight. Within moments of your last exhale, the high gently settles in, impacting your brain with an elevated sense of pure euphoria. This is accompanied by a profound happiness that effectively banishes any space for negative or racing thoughts.
Jack Herer Sativa is crafted to amplify feelings of euphoria, making it an exceptional choice for individuals seeking to uplift their mood, boost energy levels, and enhance concentration. This strain is celebrated for its ability to provide mental clarity. It features vibrant and crisp pine notes combined with subtle hints of warm spices and gentle herbs, creating a harmonious blend that promotes heightened focus and mental acuity.
Jealousy Hybrid: Immerse yourself in the delightful equilibrium of Gelato 41 and Sherbet strains with the Jealousy strain. This well-balanced hybrid offers a comprehensive experience, leaving you in a state of blissful relaxation for extended durations. Upon consumption, you'll encounter an instant uplift, accompanied by a joyous sensation that embraces your mind in euphoric bliss, coupled with a touch of creativity. Jealousy features an appealing flavor profile characterized by peppery earthiness and bold plum undertones.
Delve into the serene world of No Drama Llama Indica, a delightful strain designed to evoke a sense of stability and tranquility, fostering a serene and drama-free ambiance. This strain guarantees a robust and enriching experience. Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of earthy tobacco and refreshing menthol notes with this strain.
Indulge in the exquisite RS11 Hybrid, a fusion of the delectable Pink Guava and the OZK strain. This bud excels in both flavor and effects, offering a burst of super exotic tropical fruits and sweet peach with each inhale. The high is swift, initiating a mental stimulation that enhances alertness, happiness and sparks creativity, making RS11 a well-rounded and delightful experience.

Container Unit: 7g
Extract Type: THCA
Strains: Gush Mints Indica, Jack Herer Sativa, Jealousy Hybrid, No Drama Llama Indica, RS11 Hybrid
Product Facts: Derived from natural hemp & rich in terpenes, Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

This is a company that genuinely cares about its customers and makes sure that they will receive only the best hemp-derived products. Delta Extrax gets its hemp extracts from natural and organic hemp and tests them in third-party laboratories. In addition, the company produces various hemp-derived collections for everyones' needs.

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