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Dank Lite | THC-JD Dabs - 3g

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Strain: Jamaican Pearl - Sativa
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THC-JD Dabs By Dank Lite

Nothing can deliver so much pleasure as dabbing. Moreover, these products are infused with THC-JD extract, which can heighten your sensations in a good way. THC-JD Dabs By Dank Lite comes in a 3g container and three hemp strain flavors. Each of these products is made of high-quality ingredients and complies with purity and quality standards.
Jamaican Pearl Sativa - is made of crossing two beautiful strains - the Marley’s Collie and Early Pearl. With this strain, your body will be splashed by the euphoric waves bringing you happy sensations and relaxation. Moreover, with every inhale, your tastebuds will be pleased by the sweet fruity berry flavor and spicy hints.
MK Ultra Indica - crosses OG Kush with G13 and can assist you when you want to feel relaxed and in a happy mood. This Indica strain has a lovely flavor of sweet pine and a woodsy aftertaste.
Venom OG Hybrid - can become your best solution to elevate your mood and relax your body. This fantastic hybris strain crosses Poison OG with Rare Dankness and delivers diesel-lemon flavor with pine undertones.

Container Unit: 3g
Extract Type: THC-JD
Strains: Jamaican Pearl Sativa, MK Ultra Indica, Venom OG Hybrid
Product Facts: Derived from natural hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party laboratory tested
Made in the USA

Dank Lite brand enriches the cannabis market with its exclusive and organic hemp. Their more well-known cultivars include Red Bordeaux, Berry Blossom, Cobbler, Cherry Wine, Trophy Wife, and Magic Bullet. In addition, dank Lite's expert breeders growing new strains assure you can enjoy the best smokable hemp diversities available in the U.S.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Conor Mckinzey
favorite noid

just as good if not better than thc-p. binoid sells just 1 gram of thcp for about the same price as dank lite 3 grams thc-jd, such a deal

thc-jd stronger than thc-p?

thc-jd has one more sidechain than thc-p so technically its supposed to be stronger and i think it is. its very very good, strong and tastes like candy bubble gum. and 3 grams for $38 lol its stronger than d9 thc and cheaper hahaha buy it!

Anthony Martin

I'm a huge fan of Dank Lite. I've tried all other types of hemp dabs and they were just too harsh on my throat. Dank Lite's THC-JD dab provides the best taste and the most effective relief. They are the only weed dabs I ever smoke now!

Zac Kelly

I am absolutely in love with Dank Lite. I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes, but it started to really interfere with my health and lifestyle. I was really hesitant at first about using marijuana for health benefits, but Dank Lite has made my life so much better. My anxiety and depression are completely gone now, and I'm sleeping so much better too! This is the best hemp dabs product out there!

Callum Pearce

I am a big fan of Dank Lite. The product quality is amazing and it has helped so much with my anxiety and migraines. I love the live chat feature the buycbdhub has on the website, where you can ask them any question and get an answer in seconds. They also have free shipping, which is great as someone who hates paying for shipping.

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