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Mango Delta 8 Drink By D8 Seltzer

Mangoes are so yummy with a unique sweetness and taste that everyone likes them. Mango Delta 8 Drink by D8 Seltzer is a premium quality Delta 8 drink that can give you 20mg of hemp's strength. This Delta 8 drink has 0g fat, 0g sugar, so there are no worries about kicking up the calories. The sweetness of the mango and the refreshing bubbles can make your Delta 8 experience very special.

Hemp Strength: 20mg Delta 8 THC Per Can
Container Unit: 4 Pack, 12 fl. oz.
Serving size: 1 Can
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Product Facts: Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Hemp-derived​, All-natural ingredients​, 0g sugar, 0g fat, Calories 5, Third party laboratory tested
Suggested Use: Start with half a can and wait for 30 minutes. The effects will kick in under 15 minutes. The lingering effects may last over the next 45 minutes to an hour. If you are new to Delta 8, please don't take more than the recommended serving size.

D8 Seltzer™ originated as a group of close friends who shared the same passion and enthusiastic ideas about the hemp plant. The company values Delta 8 THC's energizing effects that can be great for any kind of occasion. D8 Seltzer™ has the purpose of supporting hemp enthusiasts lifestyles who appreciate the benefits of the Delta 8 drink.

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J Dub
Totally Worth It

At the end of a three day run when the buzzing at the base of your skull won't stop and you just need to calm the f*ck down, a can of this might just be the thing to set you straight.

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