Clocked Out | Green Crack Sativa Delta 8 Syringe 500mg - 1000mg

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Green Crack Sativa Delta 8 Syringe By Clocked Out

Say no to exhaustion, stress, and depression. Boost your energy with Green Crack Sativa Delta 8 Syringe by Clocked Out. This high-quality Delta 8 syringe is enriched with Delta 8 extract and has sweet fruity flavors of mango and citrus with earthy notes. Delta 8 Syringe by Clocked Out can be the convenient way to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8.

Hemp Strengths by Container Unit: 500mg - 0.5mL, 1000mg - 1mL
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Strain: Sativa
Product Facts: Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, Rich in terpenes, Third-party lab-tested
Made in the USA

Delta 8 THC products have become popular mainly because of their anti antiemetic properties. And more companies began to produce hemp products infused with this particular compound. One of these brands is Clocked Out. The company offers Delta 8 oil tinctures and syringes with various strain choices and Delta 8 strengths.