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Canna River | Delta 8 THC Cartridge - 1g

Strain: Lemon Jack - Sativa
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Delta 8 THC Cartridge By Canna River

The fantastic benefits of Delta 8 can help you with almost every condition. That is why so many people are simply in love with Delta 8 infused products and look for them online. Experience the flavorful terpene profile of various hemp strains with Delta 8 THC Cartridge By Canna River. This premium product is available in eleven strains, allowing you to enjoy only the best from the hemp world.
Lemon Jack Sativa can be a great source of a creativity boost, energy, and happy feelings. This mouthwatering strain is formulated by crossing Jack Herer with Lemon Kush and delivers a strong lemon flavor with sweet pine notes.
Blue Dream Hybrid crossed Blueberry with Haze, which makes it a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid. You will feel an instant energy rush in your bloodstream that will make you do some creative activity. This fabulous strain will please your tastebuds with flavors like sweet vanilla and fruity berry-blueberry mix.
Strawberry Tartz Indica will bring your body warm and smooth sensations, making your life so much easier. Every inhale will uplift your spirit and mood, and each exhale will deliver a nice dose of relaxation. Enjoy a sweet strawberry-chocolate flavor and spice undertones with every puff of Strawberry Tartz cartridge.
Glueberry Express Hybrid is a perfectly balanced cross between OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, and Blueberry. This strain is a piece of a masterpiece because it can boost your mood and enhance focus, but second after, it makes you feel happily forgetful and relaxed. And the pleasant woodsy pine and sweet berry flavors with diesel aftertaste will make your experience delightful.
Green Crack Sativa is the first choice for any hemp enthusiast! This strain is just a star when it comes to its effects, which include powerful energy growth, creative inspiration, and enhanced focus. Along the way, you will experience the delicious combination of sour citrus fruits and sweet pine.
Hindu Honeycrisp Hybrid is a super flavorful strain that delivers a sour citrus-herbal flavor and a delicious taste of a sweet honey crisp apple. This wonderful hybrid will make you feel the real taste of freedom, full of calm sensations that will uplift your spirit.
Mango Cake Sativa can bring mellow, euphoric, and happy feelings that can assist you with appetite loss, pain, migraines, and more. It has a sugary sweet exotic fruity flavor and robust citrusy undertones.
Purple Kush Indica is a wonderful cross between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains that can make you hungry, sleepy, and happily euphoric. Enjoy the sweet berry flavor and strong notes of fruity grapes with this premium Delta 8 cart.
Watermelon Zkittles Indica is a delicious cross of Zkittlez and Watermelon strains that can bring radiant colors into your life. This heavy Indica strain can eliminate pain, ease anxiety, and help you with mood swings. The Watermelon Zkittles strain has the classic flavor of sour candies and subtle notes of sweet berries.
Rainbow Sherbet Hybrid is one of the most delightful strains in the hemp world. It delivers a sweet flavor of various fruits with a gentle touch of earthy aroma. This evenly-balanced hybrid is made by crossing Champagne with Blackberry, which can brighten up your mood and help your body relax.
Wedding Cake Indica is perfect for those who are looking for an enjoyable and effective treatment for the evening. This beautiful strain can enhance your creativity and wrap your body with warm relaxation. In addition, the lovely sweet vanilla and sour lemon flavor blend with hints of pepper and earth will make your puffs truly enjoyable.

Container Unit: 1g
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Strains: Lemon Jack Sativa, Blue Dream Hybrid, Strawberry Tartz Indica, Glueberry Express Hybrid, Green Crack Sativa, Hindu Honeycrisp Hybrid, Mango Cake Sativa, Purple Kush Indica, Watermelon Zkittles Indica, Rainbow Sherbet Hybrid, Wedding Cake Indica
Product Facts: Compatible with 510 thread batteries, USA grown hemp, Natural terpenes, No MCT oil, No fillers, Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

Canna River has become one of the leading CBD brands in the hemp market. The company uses only high-quality hemp plants grown in the USA and tests the extract in third-party laboratories to ensure purity, concentration, and efficiency. And now, Canna River produces Delta 8 TCH products with a wide variety of flavors.

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