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Cake | Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable Vape Device - 1.5g

Strain: Marlin Pound Cake - Hybrid
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Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable Vape Device By Cake

Feel the delicious flavor and aroma that delivers Live Resin extract and the fabulous effects of Delta 8 with this top-shelf vape pen. It has a comfortable shape and is easy to carry in your pocket or purse. Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable Vape Device By Cake is an enjoyable way to give your body the unique effects of Delta 8 THC. Cake brand offers you a wide variety of strain options for every need.
Strawnana Indica is a perfect strain for any Indica lover because it possesses a unique combination of effects that will make you creative, uplifted, and deeply relaxed. Moreover, this heavy Indica strain has super potent and long-lasting effects, which can keep you on the couch for some time. And the delectable strawberry flavor and sour fruity undertones will make your vaping experience very enjoyable.
Hippy Crasher Indica is a strain that you need when experiencing any pain, stress, or anxiety. This fabulous strain is made by crossing Kush Mints with Wedding Crasher and has super relaxing and long-lasting effects. In addition, each puff delivers gassy and vanilla-minty flavors.
Pancakes Hybrid is a delicious strain formulated by crossbreeding London Pound Cake with Kush Mints that delivers the appetizing fruity berry flavor with sweet, creamy, and nutty notes. This strain can ideally suit those who struggle with anxiety, fatigue, depression, and inflammation. Uplift your spirit and feel happy with this Cake Delta 8 disposable.
Ghost Haze Sativa will boost your libido and provide energetic and creative vibes. People state that this amazing strain also perfectly helps with conditions like migraines, arthritis, pain, chronic fatigue, and stress. Besides, Ghost Haze will provide your tastebuds with sour citrusy lemon flavors that will improve your overall vaping experience.
Samurai Jack Sativa strain is mostly cherished by hemp lovers for its potent euphoric and potent effects. This beneficial strain will provide you with a cerebral boost, which can enhance your creativity and motivation and help you with mood swings. Samurai Jack has a robust citrus flavor with bold earthy pine notes.
King James XIII Hybrid is a perfect Indica-dominant strain for evening relaxation and peaceful nights. It is made by crossbreeding LA Confidential with OG Kush and delivers a spicy kush and strong piney aroma, which nicely goes with an earthy musk flavor.
Animal Mints Indica is a perfectly balanced strain that delivers fabulous effects, including a cerebral boost and euphoric body high, which will make you super sleepy. This fabulous strain is a crossbreed of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG that can be a perfect solution for insomnia, muscle cramps, chronic pain, and depression. Animal Mints has a pleasant flavor of sweet vanilla and nuts alongside sour pine notes.
Marlin Pound Cake Hybrid is a slightly Indica-leaning strain that delivers a super potent relaxing body high, after which you may find yourself blissfully chilling out on a couch. This fantastic strain has a lovely berry-grape flavor and mouthwatering sour lemon citrusy undertones.
Papaya Rosin Hybrid is an Indica-dominant strain that is effective in treating appetite loss, nausea, migraines, mood swings, pain, ADHD, muscle cramps, insomnia, and more. Every puff of this Delta 8 vape pen will enhance your creativity, boost your mood, and relieve tension in your body. And the insanely delicious flavors of sweet herbs and sour fruits with peppery aftertaste will please your tastebuds with every inhale.

Container Unit: 1.5g
Extract Type: Delta 8 THC
Strains: Strawnana Indica, Hippy Crasher Indica, Pancakes Hybrid, Ghost Haze Sativa, Samurai Jack Sativa, King James XIII Hybrid, Animal Mints Indica, Marlin Pound Cake Hybrid, Papaya Rosin Hybrid
Product Facts: Less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Pre-charged & filled, Third party laboratory tested

Cake is a brand related to high-quality Delta 8, Delta 10, and HXC (HHC) disposables and cartridges. The most exquisite strain flavors you can find in Cake's products, which can satisfy your preferences and likings. Cake also sends its extract to third-party laboratories for purity and quality assurance like all the premium brands.

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